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Recent posts by Cristian Darie

Hello William,

Thanks for buying our book!

If you follow the steps from the appendix correctly, you should have php5apache2.dll in your \php folder, can you please confirm this?

Note that if you use Apache 2.2, you'll need php5apache2_2.dll instead.

Let me know, thanks,

Ram: Yes, one chapter of the book cover the grid, and you can find the code in the book's code download.

Find quick links to the code download and to many free PDFs related to the book on the book's mini-site at, or on my personal website at

Thanks for your question!
Hello Satou,

I must admit I like your question! Why would anyone buy this book, when Ajax in Action is around?

I do agree that Ajax in Action is a great book! I have actually recommended it myself to a few people, and also mentioned in on my Amazon blog at

I guess we are lucky these books complement each other, and are not direct competitors! Here are a few details that can help a potential buyer which book is best for him or her:

- first of all, AJAX and PHP is aimed at beginning and intermediate developers, while (in my opinion) Ajax in Action is better suited for more advanced developers

- AJAX and PHP is perfect for people who enjoy learning by doing. It has a hands-on approach, teaching the theory by guiding you through many small examples in the first chapters, and then implement more complex features in the case study chapters

- AJAX is a server-agnostic technology, so anyone interested in AJAX can benefit from reading the book. However, AJAX and PHP takes special care, and offers more tips and techniques for PHP developers

- AJAX and PHP was also written with the developer upgrading existing websites in mind. Lots of websites could use a little bit of AJAX these days! If you want to add features such as AJAX form validation, suggest&autocomplete, implement better grids, chat, or SVG charts, you�ll find the answers directly in the book

I know this sounds a lot, but the area of applications that you can develop with AJAX is much larger. See the new Yahoo! Mail, for example � that IS complex, isn�t it? Well, if that�s the kind of AJAX application you want to develop, you should probably take a look at Ajax in Action.

Hope this helped!
[ August 25, 2006: Message edited by: Cristian Darie ]