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I write the system properties java.version and to the version.txt file using ant.
Hi Kaspar,

First of all, congrats on your superior score!

You mentioned you used the the Eclipse auto formatter with some manual improvements. Did you define the auto format template yourself or did you use one of the build in templates (e.g. Java Conventions [build-in]).
14 years ago
Hi Josine,

Thanks for your reply. Then I won't implement it and motivate my choice. Based on your answer, I will reconsider some other issues too and will focus only on he MUST requirements. It is so tempting to add requirements but since it will not affect the grade, those will only consume precious time. Ah, the precious
Hi (upcomming) Sun Certified Java Developers,

For greater performance, I was planning to cache the contents of the supplied database in memory. This is no issue for the database header information, but is for the records.

My DBAccess interface specifies that record numbers are of type long. The standard java collections classes use int for indices.

My questions are:
* The requirements do not specify a caching mechanism. To receive full credits, is a caching mechanism required?
* If a caching mechanism is required, which datastructure should I use (regarding long vs int). Should I write a structure myself?

Best regards,

Originally posted by Petr Hejl:

1) name and location not empty (and)
2) name not empty, location empty (or - search for name)
3) name empty, location not empty (or - search for location)
4) name and location empty (search all)


This is the way I have implemented it (I have the exact same requirement). Don't know if it is valid though, I have not submitted yet.