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Recent posts by ravindra patil

HI Tapas,
why did you leave that company instead of asking them change their design ? well the product we used is most widely used just checked for you information this http://www.3ds.com/ " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Please just post your reply if you know the solution

HI ,
i work on product development (PLM domain) , so we have to used framwork designed by them to get features provided by product
so we need to use 3 jsps first jsp provides header and footer and uses 2nd jsp as a dialog page which gets open inside frame of first jsp on footer we have submit button ,so when user clicks on submit button process jsp which is 3d jsp opens in iframe and does the processing ...
so if something goes wrong i need to show that error message and need to refresh 2nd jsp for that i need reference of 2nd jsp or 1st jsp any reference will work for me
I have three jsps.First jsp calls second jsp which is having html form page. When i am submitting the html form i am calling my third jsp (process jsp) .Now i want reference of second jsp as i need to refresh my 2nd jsp .I have tried below

below but getting third jsp reference only.
I am trying web service first time so want to client application which will consume webservice which are hosted online for testing purpose

now i want to call some methods defined in this wsdl [url=http://www.webservicex.com/globalweather.asmx?wsdl]

can anyone tell how should i invoke methods using stand alone java file no eclipse which jar files should i use ?

8 years ago
i have canvas and div ,canvas is having higher z-index value than DIV which is not showing up title value when i bring mouse over DIV
is there any way which will show up title defined for DIV element
i am looking explicitly for IE9 .. pointers-event = none not supported in IE9

today i stuck with one issue using simpleDateFormat it was returning wrong result for passing YY instead of yy ,why wrong with capital YY

and here is the output

14 // capital YY is returning 2014 which i didnot understood

9 years ago

i have attached output in the file the green line bar is div having id =line1XX121 i want to create line from that div so need exact end points of that div
i tried with below code but its not giving proper result ....

please suggest
Hi Tim,
its jGannt or JsGantt ? i did not find anything about jGantt but got lot about jsGantt?
9 years ago
HI Tim,
ya i am thinking of using it ...

thanks bro
9 years ago
Ok boss Ulf Dittmer !!!1 .. i think i my self need to do something,need to stop pressing F1 again and again
9 years ago
any javascript will also do? i heard about google API , but i heard it does not work offline is it true?
9 years ago
I need something like this

i saw the freechart , it has separate bar for actual and schedule
9 years ago

I want to generate Gantt chart using java, which is free API available which i could use ?

9 years ago

I do have xml like this

Now i want to get elements based on search criteria entered by user ..e.g if user enters a* then i want all the elements whose name value starts with a ... so i should get first and last elements similarly for dept..

before searching i have what attribute ( name or dept) to search and by pattern (attribute value a*b*) to search .

it is possible ? if yes please tell me
Hi,Please find attached picture , is it possible to create red lines as shown in image using POI? or any other third party API ?