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Recent posts by Gopikrishna Paruchuri

Need help regarding which book to follow for Oracle's 1Z0-007 and 1Z0-147 exams.

Throw some light on how to approach for the preparation.

And your kind suggestions are always welcome.

13 years ago
Actually it is said that the responsibility of programmer is upto handling only checked exceptions and jvm will take care about the Runtime exceptions and Errors.

But if these exceptions are thrown explicitly then it becomes mandatory for you to catch these exceptions otherwise the program will stop by not finding the appropriate catch blocks and the control will pass to default handler by jvm.
Because I think in Java Arrays are objects dim2 maintains a reference to dim1 in this case.

So when you change dim2 you are infact changing dim1 as dim2 refers to dim1.
But the character count in string starts from 0 so it will print 9.
Khalid Mughal's certification book is more than enough.

For more concepts you can refer and write some mock exams.

And offcourse code as much as you can so that you wont cram the subject and instead understand why such things happen.
Hello Ranchers,

I am going to write SCJP 1.4 on 4th September.

According to me I have prepared well and am ready to attend the exam but still dont have that confidence in Inner and nested classes and to an extend Threads.

Can anyone please suggest me what should be done as last minute preparation.

Right now I am going through the notes which i prepared while doing the preparation and giving some mock exams.

Thanks and regards,