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Recent posts by shabbir ali

i have tried all the .jar files which are /lib directory. But all are giving the same error.

then how to compile servlets without tomcat.
Thanks for your reply,

Ok,I have added the " /sun/appserver/lib/j2ee.jar " file to the classpath.
but still when i am compiling the servlets it is saying
" package javax.servlet.* " not found.what i have to do.

I can use the tomcat server.Once i want to run it in the j2ee server.

please help me ........
i red many books to learn servlets and jsp. But none satifies me except HFSJ.
Head First Servlets and Jsp is the only book which will teach both the concept and and at the same time prepares for the exam.
Ok,you are saying that we can run the servlets and jsp without tomcat.
Then Where is the file " servlet-api.jar " in the j2ee server.
I have installed j2ee 5 but unable to find Servlet.jar file .
can you tell me where is that file.
Hello Ranchers,
when i have installed the j2ee application server.when i am compiling my servlet class it is saying " package javax.servlet.* does not exist".
where do i get that package to add to class path.
Hello Ranchers,
I have installed the j2ee application server.i don't have tomcat .
when i am compiling a servlet it is saying " package javax.servlet.* " not found.where is that package in the j2ee installation directory.
and is it compulsary to have tomcat to run servlets and jsp . can't i just run
with the j2ee server.
Thanks Rizwan..
I want to write to the SCDJWS in this month.
After writing the exam if SUN introduces the new exam for web services then will my old certificate will be valuable in the market.
Hello Ranchers,
Why there is not any any version number for web services exam .
I mean there is having scjp 1.4, scjp 1.5 . why there is not any versions for
web services like scjp.
Why Sun is not adding new web services came .
Is Sun going to plan for new web services exam.
Hello ranchers,

Can anybody knows the exact cost of SCWCD 1.4 voucher.I have seen it as 4,800 in the following sun web site.

please tell me the exact price .

Thank you...
Hello Rizwan

I want to [break various international laws.]
Thank you......
[ December 31, 2006: Message edited by: Ernest Friedman-Hill ]

Don't give up beta exam because it is free.
Atleast make an attempt by reading Mikalai Zaikin's notes.
It won't take more than 2 days to read.
Thanks amit, for sharing your valuable experince.

I want to know that how many questions were on timer services, interceptors,
jndi enc and injection.

waiting for your reply........
This exam won't conduct on saturday's within INDIA.
i don't know about other countries.

you have to finish this exam before January 2nd.
You can't take one year time to finish this exam.
Hello everybody,

I want to know that

How many questions will be there in SCBCD 5.0 Beta exam.

How much time will be given for the exam.

When will we get our score .

Thank you

class a
public int i=10;
public int geti(){return i;}

class b extends a
public static void main(String args[])
System.out.println("the value of i "+ this.geti());

when i am comipiling above file it is saying this error......

E:\Dumps\progs>javac non-static variable this cannot be referenced from a static context
System.out.println("the value of i "+ this.geti());
1 error

why it is giving compile-time error ....while the same program is given in
cathy seirra's (scjp study guide ) on page no 25...
please clarify it...
thank you.......