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Congrats Tom, much success in the future
Now, don't get me wrong, but usually Java developers with enough experience are paid 50$ an hour. Therefore, the 50$ you are offering would be the equivilent of one hours work. An RMI chat applet would take a couple of hours of work, therefore I think you may have to raise to amount of your offering before getting an replies to your request.
18 years ago
Congrats, great score!
Congrats Reshma! Well the long wait finally paid off.
Keep to the specs, any extra and unecessary aspects will lower your mark. Business objects are usually session or entity beans, J2EE is not covered by this assignment. Keep it simple
Hey Geir,
Well, not too long ago I had this question, and was wondering if changing the signature was a bad idea. Well, I did change the signature (however the lock and unlock methods were in my adapter classes) and I gto 149/155, so I do not think I was penalized for it. Look, in my explanations of the design document I mentionned that in my 2 years experience of Java programmimg, it often occured that I had to change the method signature of an analyst's class diagram and that this was a normal practice. I think if you document your choice, you should have no problem. However, I take no responsibility for your choice, I did it and thats that
Do not worry, I did the essay exam BEFORE uploading because of the permissions problem, and got my final result in less than 2 weeks. Good luck
Thanks for the ressources, will get reading