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Recent posts by Harish Gavisiddaiah

Hi i am very new to these sockets if someone could send some example code and study material which brief about these would help
I googled but didn't found anything useful
Thank u
How to use the these sockets in java i googled it but didn't anything exciting any examples and study material would be very helpful
I need these sockets to receive a xml file.
Sorry if my question is insufficiant but i have done the set up
anyway thanks for the suggestions.
what is Data Source and and its implementations?
I want to setup hibernate,hyperJAXB and XDoclet how do go for it please guide me in detail.
What all the steps involved in executing java program on linux? I am new to linux too, so if some one could help me out in this issue starting from installation would be very useful.Please guide
14 years ago
Can we map java intefaces like we map classes to xml element
14 years ago
Is there any tool for converting xml dtd to java class definition?

Thank you
Is there any tool for defining a java object out of the DTD or XSD of the xml file.
[ September 22, 2006: Message edited by: Harish Gavisiddaiah ]
What is the difference between string and string buffer?
please advice.
14 years ago
HOw do I connect to AS400 remote server using JDBC
Please advice
[ September 19, 2006: Message edited by: Harish Gavisiddaiah ]