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Strategic Buyer (MRO)

Scope of Position:
� Develop and Manage global MRO commodity contracts
� Source and Select Suppliers for MRO Commodities
� Lead Negotiations and Supplier relationship management of suppliers
� Maintain and manage a global MRO cost reduction portfolio
� Develop and communicate global strategic direction for assigned commodities
� Investigate and develop a MRO supply chain strategy in support of global e-catalog deployment
� Responsible for Strategic management of global MRO sourcing in support of all Business units
� Conduct Supplier relationship management with selected MRO suppliers
� Lead contract negotiations for assigned commodities
� Manage other Key MRO commodities as assigned
� Develop and implement strategies in support of the use of e-catalogs
� Resolve any pricing and EDI issues for assigned supplier
� Mine and analyze data for sourcing events and / or cost reduction opportunities
� Conduct Pricing Audits
� Utilize e-Sourcing tools (e-RFX / e-Auctions) for sourcing

Required Skills:
1. Strong interpersonal and communications skills
2. Excellent Procurement skills
3. Proven Negotiator with 5 to 10 years of contract negotiation experience
4. Ability to work-in and lead a cross-functional project team
5. Strong data collection and analysis skills in support of sourcing projects
6. Strong Organizational skills
7. Strong Computer skills (MS office, specifically excel, data warehouse, e-Sourcing tools)

Desired Skills:
1. MRO contract negotiation experience
2. Experience with conducting supplier management audits
3. International procurement experience
4. Ability to develop cost saving strategies
5. Experience with the use and deployment of e-tools
6. Working knowledge of People Soft

Soft Skills:
1. Ability to communicate to external suppliers all plant requirements
2. Understand customer requirements and develop a strategy to support the requirements
3. Serve as a change agent when developing new ideas and e-tools

Education and Experience:
BS in Business or related field

Location: Corning,NY
Length of position: 6 months plus

Contact Information:
Leonel Szmuch
Contact number: 212-380-4160 ext 317
Email: leonel@avature.net

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