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Sanket Bakshi

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Recent posts by Sanket Bakshi

I dont understand the need to connect to a servlet when I want my handhelld device to directly interact with my mobile phone on the IR port or Serial Port.
The application will interact with the mobile phone to send and recieve SMS.
Nokia has a PC Connectivity SDK. It can be used in C++ or VB.
But it cannot be ported over to Palm OS. Thats why I want to know if any such other communication APIs exist.
19 years ago
I know about the proprietory APIs.
The Siemens SL45i and even the Nokia Pc Connectivity SDK.
I had developed a program which used to send SMS using the mobile phone connected to a serial port.
I wanted to know if a similar kind of thing can be done with handheld devices using J2ME.
I would also like to know if the CDC exposes any APIs for communication via the InfraRed port of the device. eg. Palm 3 C
Sanket B
19 years ago
Does J2ME expose any APis for sending or recieving SMS.
Can we connect a mobile device to a Handheld thru a COM port or InfraRed and use any APIs for sending or recieving SMS ?
Can I access any other things on a GSM device.
Like address book etc ?
19 years ago

Originally posted by Jonathan W. Brett:

I have an applet that needs to access the local hard drive. It is possible to get the users to download a plug-in BUT is it possible to get a type of certificate allowing users to access the applet without downloading a plug-in ?? Please help, I am totally stuck right now !!!

In that case, you will have to write different codes for both Internet Explorer and NetScape.
19 years ago
When I write a swing applet (JApplet), my IE browser doesn't seem to recongnise it..
what could be the problem ?
Sanket B
19 years ago

Originally posted by maateen ashraf:
u have to write a security file & the allow permissions in it
to let ur applet to be run by browser.....

I tried to edit the java.policy file also added the grant clause based no CODEBASE. But I dont know how I can link the policy file to my applet.
Where will be the policy file be referenced ?
On many machines without JDK, I've seen that there is no such file with .policy extension. On these machines, how does my applet gets its policies ?
19 years ago
There are 2 approaches tht u can use over here.
firstly, use javascript to call th applet functions and play between the returned values or secondly, you can make use of inter-applet communication. (Applet to Applet communication)
19 years ago
I am trying to write a applet which will call some native functions. I was succesful in writing a application or similar purpose.
In the applet, I have used a digitally signed appet.
This applet when executed in the browser, fails at the loadLibrary method giving a Security Exception.
I tried to modify the java.policy file but I cant get how to link it to my code or how to apply the permissions in my code. I granted a permission in the java.policy file based on a specific CODEBASE.
Can someone help me and tell how I can link this policy file to my code in the applet ?
The applet that I am using is digitally signed.
How do I set the permissions to the applet ?
Please help !
19 years ago