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Recent posts by Carlos G�mez

I don�t know any
But you can work with eclipse europa and richfaces plugin
14 years ago
Hi ranchers

I don't understand the difference between api and spi in netbeans platform, anyone may help me??

thanks in advance

SCJP 1.4, SCJP 1.5
Hi ranchers

I'm developing a java3d application and I need to make a shape3D with a set of 3dpoints and lines that joins the points (In concrete I need to model a towel like a shape3D)
I read the java3d tutorial but i'm confused about what class a need to use for my shape (IndexedLineArray, LineArray, etc)

Anyone can help me ??

Thanks in advance!
15 years ago
hi ranchers

I have a project in netbeans with svn repository but I need to change the ip of the svn server, how can i do that ?

Thanks in advance
thank you oscar,

but my question is how can i send/receive, send/receive, send/receive data in a midlet without the midlet throws an exception, or why throws the exception showed above ?

If you try send/receive, at least 2 times you will see the same exception.
For example:
1- I send my login and then I receive the confirmation
2- I send another data and then I receive another data.
3- throw the exception.
15 years ago
hi ranchers !

I have a http communication between a midlet and servlet proxy.

1. I send a string from midlet to servlet with dos.writeUTF("I'm midlet") and the proxy receives the string with dis.readUTF()
2. then i write a string from servlet to midlet in the same way ...
3. from here all that's right !

the problem here is when i try to send another string from midlet to servlet, i don't know

the midlet throws the next exception:
"Uncaught exception java/lang/IllegalStateException: Write attempted after request finished."
anyone know why ?

In some projects i sent all messages in a DataOutputStream and then
i received all responses in a DataInputStream ...

but in this case a want to send, receive, send, receive ... and so on
anyone can help me ?

Thanks in advance
[ June 29, 2007: Message edited by: Carlos G�mez ]
15 years ago
I like the book "Beginning J2ME From Novice to Professional"

15 years ago
In some telephony companies you can't send messages to some ip addresses
Try to conect with your local network and send the messages
15 years ago
Yeah, you can use j2mepolish for your developments in j2me with css integrated

moreover, you can use j2mepolish with netbeans ... there is a plugin !

SCJP 1.4
SCJP 5.0
15 years ago
yeah, thank you ranchers !!

Hi ranchers

why the local variables are thread safe ??

Thanks in advance.
I have test jgraph and is a good library,

thank you a lot.
15 years ago
Hi ranchers.
Anyone can i help me ?

i need to make a swing editor like "Netbeans MIDP Flow Designer" or like a "UML editor" for join lines with custom components but i don't know how can i paint, drag and drop, MOVE on the screen a custom component (maybe a rectangle with 2 lines and text inside)

How can i make that kind of component ?
is there a tutorial that can i help me ?

Thanks in advance.
[ December 23, 2006: Message edited by: Carlos G�mez ]
15 years ago