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I also need the notes.
Can you please send it to
Thanks in advance.
i am interested in joining the group
My yahoo id is
Hi guys,
Guys i was really shocked after seeing the questions.
1st shock : Multiple choice questions with questions not specifying how many are correct.
2nd one : Pattern of questions for xslt and xquery was similar to SCJP.(harder)

questions from XSLT 2.0,xpath2.0,JAXB out of course questions.

No questions from XPOINTER and XLINK

And one more suggestion ........... few question were really tough and no way near to the question i found on net.

Read professional XML thoroughly and do as many questions pertaining to XSLT and XPATH.
hey vinay !
First of all congrats!!
i am giving this exam on 14th may.
How difficult was the exam. relative to SCJP and WCD
How many questions appeard from JaxB, Security and XLINK AND XPOINTER
that will help a lot
thks in advance
HI pooja !
Exam in HFSJ is tough as compared to exam !
exam is easy but one must learn all the details of the book and must not miss any of the methods and classes of the API
Just revise the notes and go and write the exam and come out as SCWCD !
Hi guys !
Head First rocks !!
Trust me it is the best thing available in the market !
I loved it and i am sure you will all love it
grab a copy !! it is worth....

Devang Paliwal
SCJP,SCWCD,IBM websphere associate developer,IBM DB2 certified