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Parashuram Hallur

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Recent posts by Parashuram Hallur

Hello Author:

Its pleasure to see you in the forum.

How does this book help to move from programmer to architect path, could you please explain the preparatory things it gives to a seasonal programmer.
Thanks for any advising answer.


7 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

Its been month and half I have written the exam, I'm yet to receive the certificate.
I have sent an email to who2contact multiple times, have not gotten any response? Can some one help me of what needs to be done?

Thanks for any help in advance

8 years ago
I believe certification is definitely a plus, provided you pass it to increase the level of your knowledge. I say it because there are people who find out ways to just pass it without that case it is no way going to help you/any who does that.

Though you/I earn the certification, the knowledge will be evaluated in the will definitely stand good if the preparation is done properly and passed the exam. Then it will prove to be plus.

My 2 cents:)

SCJP 6.0!
Thanks Friends!

I just received email from and got my account activated.

SCJP 6.0!
Hello Friends,

I wrote the exam yesterday and have been trying to view the listing in - with the necessary details it is asking for. However, it is responding with the message could not find the matching records, do I have to talk to the testing center where I took the exam. I assume they would transfer the detail to Sun on the day exam was written, please let me know if you guys have any information on this front?

SCJP 6.0
Thank you Friends!

SCJP 6.0!
9 years ago
Hello Friends,

I wrote my exam today and got out at 85%.

I would like to thank Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates, you guys have done excellent job of putting everything required for SCJP.
Also thanks to Devaka, your mocks helped me a lot, I always got 50% though did not loose my heart to go and face the real exam:-), but I have enjoyed solving your mocks and I wish real SCJP exam should have been done the way you have covered everything in a trickier way.

Coming to the real exam, those who are planning to write in the future, don't worry too much guys, just read Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates...consider you are ready for the exam.
Read and remember, be just careful while answering questions. I took just 1 hr 50 minutes to complete the exam, so imagine how easy it will be.

Also, Thanks to Javaranch...have been browsing the forum silently and it helped to get prepared well and most of all, motivated me to write the exam.

9 years ago

Faisal Ansari wrote:il keep that in mind from the next time onwards....

can anyone help me with the answer to the above question

Well it goes like this

Pattern is = \d* --> That means zero or more occurrences of the integer
input is = ab34ef

so the pattern matches with all characters and the index of the occurence is returned with the method start() and group() will return the matching string. Because of * a,b, e and f are matched. At the 2nd index 34 will be matched and it will be printed, since it has *, it will also match the index beside the matched string which is 4 here, so 34 is the matching string and the 4 is the matching location for nothing, hence 4 printed twice.

So it is like - (0) a (1) b (2) 34 (3) wont be considered as the string is consumed, thats why 3 is not printed in the output (4) for nothing (5) e (6) f...all other indexes matching except 2nd index ( 34 ) are for the "*", means it matches the empty.

Well, notify() and notifyAll() applies only to threads which are waiting by calling the wait() method. Otherwise synchronization works in such a way that, the first thread which enters the synchronized method/block will acquire the lock and any subsequent threads trying to execute the same method/block will be kept waiting in the pool so that once the lock on the method or that block is released any thread which is waiting for in the pool can acquire the lock, which thread acquires is not guaranteed, it is scheduler defendant
Congratulations Friend, its excellent score!
9 years ago

chetan dhumane wrote:Thanks
Then how that synch block will help me.

Modifying the code as I suggested will make use of the synchronized and will run sequentially. Otherwise it is not guaranteed to run in a sequence. Please note that if you are synchronizing, in other words acquiring lock, make sure it is on the single object. Otherwise it really does not make sense.

If you are expecting each of the threads to be run sequentially, then the code should be modified as below. Lines 9 - 11.

Since you have created three instances of ThreadBob, they wont interfere each other.


Shrinath M Aithal wrote:

so does it mean that for the first 2 times, it is the "main" thread printing "go" twice? and thus the third "go" is printed by the third invocation.. ? did i get this right?

Yup you got it right, first 2 times it is the main thread which does the job. The third one will be printed by the second thread which runs the run() method by start() method.
Its a var argument, which is new from Java 5
That was good one cameron, I got all of them right!