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Recent posts by Suchen Chodankar

Hi all,
Does anyone know what configuration I would need to do for my MDB to listener to multiple Listener Ports?

Am I doing something wrong here?
Does anyone know how to build an EAR file using command prompt.

Any kind of help is appreciated.
13 years ago
I had bought exam voucher from India. Can I use this voucher to answer SCWCD in any US Prometric center? Or do I have to buy the exam voucher again?
Hey Hi sanket,

Congrats !!!

great score indeed .....
Congrats ....

great..great score ...

Whenever we have to send any kind of data to the server for example form submission we have to use POST method and GET method is used to request for any resource from the server.

I think you should be able to figure out answer to questions on page 19 by yourself.

The above code compares the two different object to see whether they are same and not the content of the objects. And since object a and b are two different objects equals method will return false.

But the method Arrays.equals will compare the content of two arrays to see whether they are same. Here the element of array a is {1} and element of array be is also {1} so it return output as true.
congrats on clearing SCWCD ...
Hi naveen,

Can you post code which you have written for com.RegistrationActionForm Class.?

Because to access properties of your RegistrationActionForm Class using <jsp:getProperty ...... /> your Class should follow JavaBean specification.

so it would be easier for us to figure what exactly is happening in your application if you could post your RegistrationActionForm Class code.
Yes. When you want to define multiple parameters in a single servlet you have to do it the way as shown below.

And the same rule applies when it comes to <context-param> also.

That is when you want to define multiple context parameters you should not put all of then in a single <context-param>.

Rather you need to have different <context-param> block for different context paramater.