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Recent posts by Joe Harry

Does this book talk about scripting deployment of a Kubernetes cluster? For example., using Terraform scripts, I can specify a barebones k8s cluster and by the execution of this script my k8s cluster can be set up on demand on any cloud provider. does this book address this?
10 months ago
I'm contemplating using Spark SQL for some of my data needs. I have a Python codebase that uses the Pandas library. I guess if I were to migrate that to a Scala codebase, I need something similiar to Pandas and I guess Spark SQL could be that. Now my question is, can I use Spark SQL without a Spark server? If yes, then I see Spark SQL as an alternative to Pandas. If not can anyone suggest me some good library to work with a Pandas kind of a library in Scala?
1 year ago
I have been reading through some blogs on getting to know myself better on this promising technology. I'm astonished that there is a book already on this. It is interesting.

I had a look at the ToC of this book "The Business Blockchain" but it does not look like a technical book, but rather a very quick overview of what Blockchain is. Is there a reason why this book was kept simple this way? I was expecting some sample applications where I could use Blockchain (using Etherum or IBM's HyperLedger)
4 years ago
I figured it out by myself. Here is what I had to do:

4 years ago
I have a client that I generate using the WSDL that I have. When I tried to connect to this WebService, I get the following error:

The actual server that hosts the WebService expects a SOAP message that contains the security header like:

How to get this along with my SOAP message that gets generated when the request is made? This is what I do in my code to call the WebService:

Any suggestions?
4 years ago
Welcome to Javaranch and Congratulations on your certification!
This is a perfect timing. We are containerising our Microservices with Docker as a first step. We want to add redundancy to all our Microservices as a next step. We are looking at all possibilities and this looks interesting thing to do with Kubernetes.

So I have got a couple of questions:

1. Can I create a Master / Slave kind of an architecture with Kubernetes? Say I have Microservice A running as a Docker container. Can I have Kubernetes manage this as a Master and have 2 or 3 other instances as slaves?

2. If the Microservice A is exposing ports, how would this behave with rudundancy? Should I have multiple ports open?
4 years ago
What you need to do is pagination. You cannot control what the Webservice delivers to you. You have to get all the messages in your backend, use some pagination techniques to render the content in your JSP!
4 years ago
Cool! I ended up getting a 2 bay Synology NAS with a 2 TB HDD to start with!
4 years ago
So what I mean is, if I click Open All as you see in the screenshot, it opens up all the windows with the tabs.

I want this layout to be the default when I click iTerm! On my old Mac this was possible. Now I have to right click on iTerm and say Open All!

Have a look at this post:
4 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Huh, I didn't know iTerm2 had this capability either. In fact, I can't even find a way to set it up. Where did you set this up?

I could have provided you with a screenshot or a short video of my old Mac as I open iTerm. I will try to conjure up some time over the weekend to figure out how to recover my old HDD and then post a picture or a vide!
4 years ago

Tim Moores wrote:I don't recall iTerm ever having had this functionality. You can use Profiles -> Open All to open all profiles you have set up.

iTerm on my old Mac Yosemitte had this. When I open iTerm, it would open all the tabs in a single window! I could not get that set up now with El Kapitan!
4 years ago
I have downloaded and installed iTerm 2 on El Capitan. I have created a couple of profiles that I would like to open when I start iTerm. But everytime I open iTerm, it would just open a single tab on my home folder like this:

4 years ago