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Bluetooth has the following Exceptions (JSR 82 see http://java.sun.com/javame/reference/apis/jsr082/ )


Is it possible to detect when a Bluetooth device moves out side of the range of another?

With a device having moved outside of the range, trying to communicate with that device will result in a null pointer exception. Is it possible to know that the device has moved outside the range?

Having moved outside the range for a few seconds the device moves back within range, can this some how be detected, and the original connection re-established?

Is their some way to define that if a device has moved outside the range for a predetermined amount of time that the device is now no longer available?

Also is it possible to detect if a device that you are in communication with suddenly dies, i.e. switched off by the user, interrupted by another application etc.

If none of this is available is JSR82, can you recommend any other implementations that provide some or all of this functionality.

Thanks in advance for any insight you may have on this.
11 years ago
I have developed some bluetooth enabled MIDlets that execute perfectly on Nokia 6680 and Nokia 6630. However I would like to get the MIDlets to run on a Dell Axim X51v.

I have installed the J9 VM standard version. I tried downloading the trial version of Atinav SDk and copied the jar file to the ext directory of the VM library. However testing the MIDlet the same day I downloaded the jar file gave me an error saying the trial period has elapsed.

I have tried contacting the company on this and as yet have heard nothing from them. I have also tried Avetana, but again had go success.

Surely somebody out their has got a a Bluetooth Enabled MIDlet running on a PocketPC (WM5), and would be delighted if you could offer detailed instructions as to how you got this to work.

Will we ever see the day that one can execute a MIDlet on a PDA, just as easily as it works on a Phone?
12 years ago