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Recent posts by Amila Jayatillaka

For the sake of completing the thread, these are the links I found out. Hope this would be helpful to someone

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5
5 years ago
Last time I checked its working fine. Thanks for asking

And actually I found some links. Feels like not enough. All I wanted just few more links to refer.
Most of the results are from blog posts which are not credible.
And if you know some places please do share.

Amila E J
5 years ago
Can some one give me few credible links on which are related to quality characteristics on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.
These things may include, performance, reliability, security, integrity, efficiency, usability etc.

I have to write a essay on this, therefore I need some credible link to add on to citation.

Amila E J
5 years ago

Anil Deshpande wrote:Don't you think, it is wrong. When I am not entering anything in the text feild, I expect it to be a null value. not a empty String with length=0.

I will never be sure whether to check for empty string or handle NullPointerException.

Well if you do the same(putting a text field and call getText()) in swing you will get a empty string not a null value. So I think some what same applies here. Anyway even this is not the same I think it should work like I said.
Hi guys, today I did my SCWCD 5.0 and passed with 92 marks...

Well my experience is like this,

I started studding for wcd in last year january if i'm not wrong. Thing was that time i did a job as a
j2me developer. So i had no time to look at j2ee side. so i had to postponed my exam every time I started reading book.
Then after that I started my degree, so now I have my vacation so I did the exam....

I used HFSJ 1.4 book because those days sun had SCWCD 1.4 so I bought 1.4 book.
Anyway only few changes are there in new book in HFSJ. Actually I read HFSJ book at least 4 times i think... Anyway it was so usefull.

Then I used Mikalai Zaikin's notes which can be found in SCWCD links page... It helped me to remember most of the DD tags.

Then I did some moke questions and it also helped me to remember some theory parts. because I'm really not into theory but into practical..... ;) ;)

And I want to thank all the fellow ranchers for keeping this site so nice ...
Well next i'll be doing SCBCD or SCJWSD.

Amila Jayatillaka
8 years ago

Devaka Cooray wrote:Hello Amila, are you talking about about n-tier applications or distributed applications? You question makes good sense if it is about distributed applications.

Yes i'm talking about distributed applications....
Actually I thought that N-Tier is about distributed applications
I need to know somethings about N-tier web applications.
Actually what I need is to know is how context listeners, session listeners work with them(and others too). Like in a N-tier application does it share same context attributes or how sessions work with it etc...
Reason I’m asking this is I got to know that in SCWCD 5 they are asking something similar things like this.
Thanks in advance.

Vishwanath Murthi wrote:I guess the userName parameter value would be a "" which is not the same as null

yes this is the same thing i thought of. because even someone doesn't enter data into a form field, all the parameters will be there on the request. so that means if i asked the value of userName(in this case) it should return me a empty string not a null value.
well i'm not that familiar with web services... but up to what this code runs.... i mean from the code given by you, is it running after line number 5
because i think there you are trying to create the connection to the web service....
So just put your connection part into a thread and see if it works....
8 years ago
It's because of j2me security...
If your application is not signed it will keep on asking when you try to send a sms.
There is no method to stop that, only way is to sign your application..
8 years ago
I think you can use Calender class and do this.
You will have to implement your own methods to do this anyway...
8 years ago
Midlet Class

In displayable classes, I'll get a instance of this midlet through constructor. And i'll call getDisplay() where ever i need...

8 years ago

Well next time when you put a code please format it well and put it inside a code tag like this ...
because it's easy to read
8 years ago
I think you can add your text file to here assuming your installation done in drive C:\

and what do you mean in your 3rd question? do you need just a beep sound or what?
9 years ago