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Benjamin Wang

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since Sep 30, 2006
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Recent posts by Benjamin Wang

To whom may concern:

This is Benjamin Wang looking for JAVA/J2EE related job. I have recently completed my graduated and acquired a BS in Computer Science. I can legally work in USA(permanent resident) I can program in C++, Python and JAVA and have required skill to do SQL query. I also have knowledge in J2EE, SOA, Webservice and XML.

Career Highlights :
1. Four Achievements-- SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD, SCDJWS.
10 years ago
Shameless plug, I passed with 42%. LOL
To validate, we should use xml schema.
To create XML from XML, we should use Xquery.
To get specific element, we can use XPointer or XPath.
To transform the data, we can use xsl.

We have same magic cookie value and header length.
Hi,My name is Yuanyu Wang.
I have passed SCJP1.5, SCWCD 1.4
I have none relative experience.
Please let me know if there are vacancies for JAVA Programer positions around LA county or Orange County.
[ October 08, 2006: Message edited by: Yuanyu Wang ]
13 years ago