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Recent posts by Venkat Sidh

If I am correct, I think you can plug-in JAAS.
12 years ago
JDBCTemplate is a kind of Connection object obtained from Datasource.

For e.g.,

JdbcTemplate jt = new JdbcTemplate(dataSource);

once you get jt then you can use queryForList() to get List object.

You may find some details here,
12 years ago
In nutshell, it is a bus...i mean Enterprise Service Bus. Where messages should be posted to this bus and interested parties subscribe themselves to this bus (a.k.a pipeline) and consume the messages. Am I correct?
12 years ago
Is Sun Certified Java Programmer for Java 1.4 with exam code 310-035 valid? I still have this exam voucher but can not find the option in Prometric website to schedule this test. Any ideas? Thanks.
I have SCJP voucher available for sale and it expires June 2009. It has free retake offer.
Asking price is $110 and it is negotiable. You can also send private message. Thanks.
12 years ago
Thanks Henry. Actually "v1.0" going to change dynamically. Actually I'm going to get array of file names with different version info. But I don't know what is the version, I know only first three strings, "appName", "siteName" and "featureName".

This version can be anything like v2.0, v3.0 or even version1,version2

so can we say [a-z|0-9|.] for this version part?

I'm sure that this version will have only alpha, numeric and "." (dot).

but its not working i'm not getting true.
15 years ago

I have following string called "ftrName" and here "v1.0" is variable how do I match this using regular expression.

I want to get output as "true" how do I get it. The highlighted (in bold) code doesn't seem to be working to match "v1.0". Any ideas? Thanks.
15 years ago
You can't use Integer (Wrapper) in statement as a argument.
Which of the following types cannot be used as argument to the switch-case statement?

Choice - A) float
Choice - B) int
Choice - C) char
Choice - D) long
Choice - E) enum
Choice - F) short
Choice - G) double
Choice - H) Integer
I'm looking for a break-down for the following sections,

1) Declarations, Initialization and Scoping

2) Flow Control

3) API Contents

4) Concurrency

5) OO Concepts

6) Collections / Generics

7) Fundamentals

How many Questions will appear in exam for each of these sections?

Any ideas, thanks.

How many no. of questions are given in the Exam that break-down by Objectives section-wise?

Your code is referring to non-generic code so Key & Value be of any Objects. If you're planning to use Java object as a Key then you need to override both equals() and hashcode()
What are the app servers supporting EJB 3 and available in market now?
got it {} instead of {}