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Recent posts by Nanjangud Nanjundaiah

How many of you still get paid this?
I recently encountered this article written way back in the year 2000 - Some parts of this article got me shaking my head and laughing, considering how much the world has changed since then...
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16 years ago
Howdy Ranch I thought I might tweak the rules on this game to get it moving again. Since we seem to be running out of unique place names, repeats are now allowed! Enjoy
Here's my entry:
17 years ago
Just stopped by to nurture my thread

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18 years ago
Sandra, this is a tough place; it's a saloon afterall, and you will find desperate mudslingers, sleazy lawyers, pure lunatics, asinine bigots, and wacky vegetarians here. Don't you notice all the plain-clothed sheriffs lurking in the shadows?
So welcome to the most happening place on the Ranch
I fully support your views. Most people simply cannot accept the fact that vegetarianism is possible; and can lead to a much safer, healthier lifestyle.
In my opinion, those bastards at McDonalds clearly were indulging in adulteration. I am pretty sure they knew what the implications would be, but were simply ignoring it; until someone discovered what they were upto, and brought it out to light.
After this incident, I started noticing that so many products in the market have this secret ingredient "Natural flavoring". All those products could theoretically contain beef in them Perhaps we should lobby the FDA, or whoever governs these things, to force manufacturers to actually list out what goes into their natural flavoring.
We had an overzealous lawyer supporting McD, on this thread. Poor fellow, he's gone now - overdosed on his own humor

The Rancher Formerly Known As Nanhesru Ningyake.
18 years ago
>Well, I suppose a book that is supposed to tell certain people how they should live their lives has to deal with sex too.
The Hindus decided to keep sex out of their holy books. That's when Vatsyayana decided to write the Kamasutra
(Speaking of which, I got reminded of a joke, probably from some Woody Allen movie, where this guy makes a comment on similarities among the various positions described, and says something like: "Then I realized the difference between position #23 and position #56 is that the woman has her fingers crossed in position #56.")
18 years ago
>I am a Communist and I Don't believe in God!
Wonder how they ever got established in the Soviet Republic?
You've raised a good point, Shama. It is quite heart-rending to hear the parents of youngsters who get drawn into such groups. The common refrain is like: I took such good care of my son, I brought him up so well, I had such high ambitions about him, and now he's given up everything and joined this group. As far as I know, with the Hare Krishnas, an alternate lifestyle is only offered, and there's no coercion. They fully encourage people with families to stay that way and participate in their activities.
Ofcourse, a monastic life has its advantages. I like mentioned elsewhere, from self-denial grows selfless joy. If that's all you care about, then that would be the best path to take.
18 years ago
Do you think Christianity has anything to do with the "white" people becoming generally more developed and prosperous?
On a parallel subject, I am always amazed thinking about the English. How did they get to rule over so many countries in the world, at one point in time? Theirs is such a tiny nation... but their influence spread far and wide. What's their secret? Religion? Monarchy?
There's another thing that puzzles me. I will try to word this with caution. I have read through the Bible once. And was quite shocked to encounter so many references to sex and sexual matters. Not exactly what I expected to see in a "holy" book... could someone explain?
18 years ago
>Time zones and all that
Oh, yep, that explains it.
>XML Xena
Ha ha I can imagine Map like that, brandishing a sword (By the way, IBM has an XML Editor called Xeena )
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18 years ago
I wonder why Shailesh hasn't noticed this he usually throws a party in the Javaranch forum and bestows a title...
Some of the titles I've noticed:
Rahul "The Architect" Mahindrakar
Jane "The SuperHuman" Griscti
Sir Paul Wheaton "Jack Of All Trades"
Jim "hp" Yingst
Madam Mapraputa Is, "The Great Luminary"
So what would you like your title to be, Tom? Hope you won't get Thomas "The SuperInhuman" Paul, given your record with blunt knives

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18 years ago
Here's how Google works.
18 years ago
>seem sure to invite some less polite responses
Now you've discouraged all the less polite responders. We need to spice this up, and bring them back
>It's not unusual for a strict religious background to lead to rebellion as the child matures
This is generally good when the rebellion is against the "shackles" of religion... but when the rebellion is in the name of religion... we know the kind of insanity it can cause.
>There's a section in the Bible
That's interesting history - assuming that's how it all happened. Daniel has another view, which is possible too. And like you just stopped short of saying , the classification of the society into castes/classes, like among Hindus, clearly assigned roles to people. I wonder if other religions have similar "classes".
Also, I think when people are influenced by studying history, and learning that their ancestors have always been denied equality, or oppressed upon (this could have been true, or those ancestors were simply never happy with what they had)... it sows the seeds of hatred in their minds, ultimately causing entire generations to carry on centuries-old rivalry. In such cases, the more introvert amongst them, would then seek every chance to prove that they are equals, or even better than their rivals, and would attempt boosting morale with shows of fervid support for their clan...
>I'd question if "circumlocutory" was really the word you meant to use
Just having some fun
>thanks to Shama for a particularly reasonable
Shama, I find your posts usually reasonable quite in contrast to some others. How much do you think has growing up in the US influenced your ideas? Do you think if you had remained in Pakistan, your views may have been different? Or perhaps, it's the influence of your parents which has molded you, so it wouldn't matter where you grew up?
>which dictionary to lookup?
Manju, I was just packing obscure words into that paragraph. The meaning of circumlocutory gives a clue about what I was doing I usually use Merriam-Webster Online. Another good source is Cambridge Dictionaries Online which in addition to International and American English dictionaries, also features searching for Idioms and Phrases - pretty neat.
18 years ago
I wonder if one's religion influences one's character... what I mean is, by following the tenets of your religion, would that tend to form a behavior pattern in you? The way you think, the way you talk, the way you address issues... can the practice of a religion mold these?
Also, can the practice of a certain religion give a predisposition towards specialization in some field? This can sound like a stereotypical comment, but there's a general view that Jews are good at business. If that is true, how did they get to be that way? Did their religion help?
18 years ago
>Sir Nanjangud
I am honored, young lady. Welcome to Meaningless Drivel
Discussions that involve religion belong to this forum - that's why your thread got moved. It is indeed a great honor for a non-MD thread to get promoted to here, you know, this doesn't happen every day.
We are utterly dedicated to a serious non-partisan approach to the ecumenical ecclesiastic issues that currently affect the world's religions, and we handle this with amazing alacritous acumen, and are renowned for our circumlocutory skills in handling these issues. Welcome, and have a great time here!
18 years ago
And what a glorious end it was! On Monday, I got to work at 9.30am... had to see the finals.
Everybody loved Ivanisevic; his English is quirky... but he still says funny things. Like that thing about watching the Tele Tubbies before the match. He can be nasty too... in the post-match press conference, he called the lineswoman who gave a bad call, "that ugly, ugly lady"!
18 years ago