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Recent posts by Paul Stevens

No it is not. ND lost to USC and Mich State. They did not lose to Oregon since they did not even play.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Spritzler:
The only one hick-up and it is strictly due to the contract that Notre Dame has with the BCS. Which , in and of itself is weird, the only school that has a contract, all the other schools is through their conference.


Actually that is not correct. The rule that allowed ND to go is the same rule that put Utah in last year. Non BCS conferences and ND go if in the top 6. The only explicit ND clause puts ND in the pool of teams if they are in the top 12 of the BCS. It does not mean they will be selected.

BCS conference winners do not even have to be in the top 20 or any where else for that matter.

Why do you feel it is ok for the BCS confernces to have explicit tie ins but not ND?

Oregon didn't go because they did not earn it. USC beat Oregon by 30+ and ND by 3 on the last play. Oregon played Houston and Montana as non conference opponents. The Pac 10 outside of USC was not very strong this year. Put all those together and you have a 1 loss team that was not deserving of a BCS game.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Jason Menard:

Between this post and the previous one, don't you think we're laying the rhetoric on just a tad thick? I've got some nice rhetoric of my own, but mine leans in the direction most apt to be censored.

How true.
20 years ago
That Pats have more draft choices than normal this year anyway. They have 2 firsts. Giving up a second isn't a loss.
20 years ago
Theft. The Bengals where robbed. But I guess from their stand point something is better than nothing. Faulk was had for a 3rd rounder so I guess by todays standards it isn't terrible.
20 years ago

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:

Agree with you. It's equally maddening when people post nonsense about America, and when they post nonsense about other countries.

Isn't that the truth. Care to do the arithmetic on which country has had more nonsense posted about it?
20 years ago

Originally posted by Bhayangara Mandan:

Rephrasing my question for the third time :
If American support is not critical , why do the Palestinians say America is responsible for this mess ?
The question should be answered by someone who thinks America is responsible for the actions of the Israelis . Why are you wasting everyone's time with these pointless messages ?
[ April 18, 2004: Message edited by: Bhayangara Mandan ]

You should realize that when you quote reply. The person you quote makes an assumption that you are replying to them and asking for a response from them. Don't be shocked and rude when they reply.
[ April 18, 2004: Message edited by: Paul Stevens ]
20 years ago
BMIf they can survive without American support what difference does it make if America supports them or not ?"
You answered your own question.
20 years ago

Originally posted by Bhayangara Mandan:
i have heard of suicide bombers and i've heard of homicidal maniacs but i ain't never heard of homicidal bombers. "homicide" is superfluous because a bomber is automatically homicidal, unless bombs are more commonly used against geese than people.

If they where "suicide" bombers they would just be killing themselves. They target civilians which is homicide.
You made the case for calling them homicide bombers though. Or are you wanting to call them homicidal maniacs?
20 years ago

Originally posted by Bhayangara Mandan:

Pardon my ignorance, but is America the only country that manufactures weapons. If America withdrew it's support would it reduce the the Israeli armed forces to bearing knuckle dusters and switchblades?

That raises another question. Does the seller have a right to ask the buyer "what are you going to do with it" ?

So why are you not asking the arab world to withdraw support? Why no questioning of China, North Korea and Russia. What has the seller of bombs and bomb components asked of the Palestinians?
20 years ago

Originally posted by Bhayangara Mandan:

What's a homidice bomber?

Here is a list. This only includes Hamas and just since 2000.
20 years ago

Originally posted by Hussein Baghdadi:
Thank you Mr.Bush..
thank you for giving Sharon the green light to kill the human..
thank you for killing the peace at the middle east..
thank you for giving isreal the american weapons to kill us.
thank you for supporting isreal blindly..
I don't understand why america asked : Why they are hating us ?
do you want to know why ?
fine, because it supplies isreal blindly.
Terrorism, democracy the golden words in the american dictionary.
every one who don't agree with bush's policies is terrorist.
the victim is terrorist and sharon is the man of peace.
criminals by isrealian hands and american arms.
thank you again bush.
(as I know, iseal is a democracy country, and this is thier democracy....)

Who do we thank for the 3000 killed in the trade center and pentagon bombings.
Who does Spain thank for their killings.
Who does India thank for their killings.
Who does Isreal thank for their killings.
I guess we should thank those who support civilian killings where ever they happen. Because without them it wouldn't be possible. We should thank those who say that is terrible but...
As far as your post. What peace in the middle east are you talking about? Bush did not give a "green" light to anything. I guess the statements against this weren't good enough for you. I expect a post similar to this every time Isreali civilians are killed by homicide bombers.
20 years ago

Originally posted by Max Habibi:

In other news, I got a Saint Bernard Pup tonight

A small one right.
20 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Stevens:
I have heard varying reports on this. Exactly what chemicals aren't listed. Although most reports say they came from Syria. The only things the same in the reports are 17.5 tons and the trucks came from Syria. Also Al Queda involvement.

Here is a report from Feb.
20 years ago
I have heard varying reports on this. Exactly what chemicals aren't listed. Although most reports say they came from Syria.
20 years ago