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Recent posts by michael warren

From the stack trace I'm guessing the exception is from the line

The parse method that takes a String takes a URI (e.g. path to a file), I guess soapResponse.toString() isn't a valid URI.
Although I don't know what the TimServiceSoap class toString method does I'd make a guess that it returns the XML in the SOAP message ? in which case I think creating a StringBufferInputStream from it and passing that to the parse method that takes an InputStream would work.
16 years ago
Just reading chapter 6 of Pro Paypal ecommerce and am interested in how people feel about using SOAP as opposed to Name Value Pairs (pg116).
Although I've just done Sun's web service certification (or perhaps because of that ) I can appreciate the simplicity of the Name Value Pairs approach, and I think that is the approach I'd take to begin with although I'd be open minded and look at using SOAP if I started running into problems - but at the moment can't see any reason why I would.
16 years ago
I don't think so
- perhaps you could explain more about what you mean or how this would work
16 years ago
I don't know why its a problem - I've tried to replicate it by blocking a port
( following instructions here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/813878 , for anyone who's interested in doing it on Windows ), but I was still able to use the machine's IP address (I double checked that the port was actually blocked by trying to connect from another PC). Be interested to hear if yo get to the bottom of this.

localhost and should be equivalent, assuming hosts file (normally in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc on Windows) is set up correctly.
16 years ago
Wasn't sure where _resp variable comes from or what type it is so couldn't replicate what you're doing, but the following code worked for me

16 years ago
Could it be a firewall on your machine blocking port 4400 ?
Don't fully understand the significance of using IP address or localhost - but guess that localhost is known to be local but actual IP address is affected by firewall, would that make sense ?

Not really related but wonder if using loopback address would be equivalent to localhost.
16 years ago
If you try searching for RPC and document in this forum you'll find posts like this that should help explain -

Also you shouldn't ask the same question in multiple groups.
16 years ago
No, as I understand it

is fine, although the "Server" fault code is no longer the standard Server fault code defined by SOAP, but a namespace specific fault code that just happens to start with "Server" in the "http://nspace.com/faultcodes" namespace.

BP Fault Codes

It is recommended that applications that require custom fault codes either use the SOAP1.1 defined fault codes and supply additional information in the detail element, or that they define these codes in a namespace that is controlled by the specifying authority.

[ May 10, 2007: Message edited by: michael warren ]
Thanks all - specially Watsh Rajneesh for his study notes.
Whats next ?
Tidying my house/ working in my garden whilst looking for a contract position.
No more certifications for a while - will see what technology I'm involved with in a couple of years time.
Also going to finish reading "The Pragmatic Progranmer", "Refactoring" and "Pro Spring".
Also learning a bit of PHP and brush up on javascript/HTML whilst updating a website I've set up for a local club. ... and loads of other stuff I never seem to have time for ...
16 years ago
Interestingly the following handler works as expected

The documentation for StreamHandler says "This is primarily intended as a base class or support class to be used in implementing other logging Handlers" implying that you're not expected to use it directly, think I need to read more on the Logging package in general to understand why it doesn't work as expected.
16 years ago
Just tried this and get the same result as you, I'd be lieing if I said I knew why, but have experimented and think its something to do with using the same stream in each logger, possibly different threads accessing the same stream ?.

If the method to create the handler creates a handle using a different FileOutputStream (outputting to different files) for each logger then it works as expected, and if it uses the same file then only the 1st logger outputs. I tried creating a handler that flushes the stream after each "publish" but that didn't have any effect.

I'd also be interested if anyone can shed any light on this.
16 years ago
not sure if this is more of question for the servlet group ?
Anyway, I think you could use the init method of servlets, something like the following (and use the destroy method to release any resources).
16 years ago
Which I'm very pleased with - I really wasn't expecting to do anymore than scrape through.

Thanks for help from the SCDJWS group and the web services group.
16 years ago
I've not done this, but I think using attachments would best -
it would be possible pass the CSV inside an XML document in the SOAP body, but would that would require extra work, making it more complicated and slower.

SAAJ is the J2EE API that lets you do SOAP with Attachments (SwA) - search for documention on that.
16 years ago
I'll try and answer your questions - but I'd suggest having a read through the other posts here and following other links to get a balanced view

"what i will gain by doing scdjws?" A Certification that looks good on your CV, it shows you know the web services as implemented by standard J2EE 1.4, and also as a side effect that you know the basics of XML parsing and schemas.

"how good is scdjws over scwcd certification?"
I did scwcd cert about 3 years ago and think it was better for me as it provided a solid foundation for web development with java which has been useful.
With scdjws I feel that the future of webservices is fairly open, the standards that the certification are based on have already been superceded and things like REST offer an attractive alternative to SOAP/WSDL etc. I've spent sometime studying for it, so I'm still going to take it, but I'm going to be reading up about REST as soon as I'm done.

"what is the best book for preparing XML stuff?"
Just read other posts, think most people recommend a book by Richard Monson Haefal (if I've remembered the name correctly) - I sort of wish I'd bought it a while back, but have tried to make do with online resources mainly, and it seems a bit late now to but it. One problem in studying for this cert. is the lack of specific study guides like you get for scwcd - but hopefully it makes it more of an elite club that you join by passing.

"will it be worthfull if i write XML certification prior to scdjws?"
Being confident with XML XML schemas and SAX/DOM parsing is a good start before thinking about scdjws. I was looking at the XML certification, but decided I didn't want to get labeled as an XML expert, and web service certifcation would be more help in getting me the kind of work I'd like to do. For me doing both would have been overkill - one certifcation every 3 years is more than enough