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Recent posts by M Zhang

The use cases only talk about web user, not travel agent(application client). Do I need to draw diagrams for application client?
I used Struts in my FlyByNight design. Anyone knows if that is OK to use third party framework(e.g. Apache struts) in design?
Thank you.
Thank you, Devender. I understand that the first time I need to call EJBHome.create to get the EJBObject. But after the first time, will that be more efficient if I can cache the EJBHandle of EJBObject, therefore, the client can find its stateful session bean faster?

This may be out of the scope of SCEA exam but I am curious to know.
In SCEA II deliverable, it asks to provide a class diagram and a component diagram. I feel I need to draw quite a few rather than an overall diagram for the whole project.

Is that OK to have multiple class and component diagrams?
I have a question to access stateful session bean:
In my service locator, I can either cache the EJBHome or Handle for EJBObject. So when the client wants to access the session bean, it can call the delegate and the call the service locator to either getHandle.getEJBObject(), or getRemoteHome.create().

What are the pros and cons for these 2 approach?

Could anyone recommend a good book about component diagram? I have read the parts in UML Distilled and UML User Guide and feel the content is not enough.

Thank you!