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Recent posts by Sanjeev Singh

The usability of the asList() shall be taken in when you wants to play around the arrays except modifying it.
Since arrays can not be scaled or diminised at the runtime so is the list created on the top of it has no provistion for doing the same.
Same can be derived after seeing the JDK source code as well.

So there is no problem as such with asList().There are many alternative ways to sort out your porblem as discussed above.
The better way to understand the problem of not adding object of type Object in the below collection

is that if it is allowed to all of super class of String then probably you could have added CharSequence,Serialiable and all the super class in this collection,making the collection hetrogenous which violates the Generics concept.
However null is allowed
For both same voucher would work.The voucher which starts with 310-xxx.
Dear Ranchers,
I have a confusion in implemention of method create(String[] data)from the interface!The signature of the method is

My question is under what condition the method should throw DuplicateKeyExcetion?
My understanding: Since the record does not contain any single primary key,it should throw when all the field of data matches with any field in the database file.If I'm wrong please correct me.
[ August 21, 2007: Message edited by: Sanjeev Singh ]

following is a code to read database.

It is for reading the schema.
Why you are reading a short value though it is byte?

it is more important for me

Initializing a character with the value which starts with \(escape sequence) implies that the numbers are Octal ,unless prefixed with 0x for hexadecimal, so non of the digits should exceed 7.
Dear Friends,
I just got my assignment and started with the database design.Brainstorming with the requirements I have some initial thought.
  • Why the database file contains schema details,though requirement specification itself talks about the details in schema?
  • Can I use the schema details given in the database file to make application generic?The name in the schema field can be used as a table header,also the table can be scaled to n columns.
  • Do we need to validata a record data against the schema whenever we reads a record?

  • Any thoughts is much appreciated.
    [ August 09, 2007: Message edited by: Sanjeev Singh ]
    Hey Lucky,
    As far as the SCJP exam is concerned,the subject content is enough in the book,but for your better understanding you can go and read other related.
    Dear SJ,
    Good points made.I am about to start my assignment but got an idea for doing the requirement analysis.So before one starts doing the actual coding they must be gone through such considerations in requirement analysis.
    Hey Rome/Mark,
    Thanks for the suggesions.Using IDE is fine,we cant even think of a development without using IDE.But again there are several possibilities like...

    * Use of IDE itself,using IDE to build the project.
    * Use of IDE with Ant,using Ant to build the project.
    * Use of IDE with Maven,using Maven to build the project.

    I am more inclined towards using Maven as a build tool rather than Ant.I think its on personal discretion,what one chooses,still interested to know what SCJD aspirants chooses.
    [ August 02, 2007: Message edited by: Sanjeev Singh ]
    Hi Ranchers,
    I am about to start my assignment and confused with whether to use ant or maven or IDE itself to build the project.
    Will the exam assignment contains some guidelines regarding building of projects?

    Hey Remko,
    Who gives these certificates?
    I am into the Networking side and want to do this certification.

    Dear Prash,


    Wont you like to share your success story?

    Sanjeev Singh
    16 years ago