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Recent posts by Jose Fernandez

Finallu it is done!!!

I wopuld like to thank all of you because I have meade use of this forum to solve all of my questions regarding the SCJD (even I have not posted). Below are the detailed results:

The maximum possible score is 400; the minimum to pass is 320.
General Considerations (maximum = 100): 100
Documentation (maximum = 70): 70
O-O Design (maximum = 30): 30
GUI (maximum = 40): 40
Locking (maximum = 80): 80
Data store (maximum = 40): 40
Network server (maximum = 40): 17

To be honest I am surprised with the low score in the Network server part and I have no idea why . I developed the server using RMI, extending the "UnicastRemoteObject" and implementing my own interface used also by clients when the data is accessed in non-network mode. I also implemented a very basic GUI (just to allow the user to insert the port and the service name for the server). I will recheck to see if I have missed something important.

Again thanks for your fruitful discussions.
13 years ago