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Recent posts by Micheal John


I am trying to get the datasource through a Java Standalone program from WebSphere 7.0 JNDI.
Below is my program and I successfully got the InitialContext, but getting the the below error while getting the datasource:
ANy idea / help on this will be helpful..

Error Log:
12 years ago
I am trying to parse the below xml file in java using DOM.
First, I am getting the root element using

Then, I am trying to find out how many children for the root element using

I am getting as 3 for the above. But the root element is printing as "MessageBean"
and the "MessageBean" root element have only one child node "Request", then why it's coming as 3?

I am trying get the <form> attribute values (name="emp1" and value="10") and the actual valus (St1).
I need to get all the children of <Request> only with the tag <form> adn not the <Unit>
Then I need to get the all the children of the <Unit> separatley.

Why the "childNode11111 ::#text" is coming as #text??

Please help on this. I don't uderstand how to process it. If someone explain how it works I can able to parse more complex xmls too.

Actually, I am using the same JBoss4.2.2.GA in Windows Vista in my home note book. And it's staring properly.
Now I am trying same in Windows 2000, but in corporate network. Do you mean to say that JBoss 5.x will work?
15 years ago

jbossjta-properties.xml in C:\java\common\bin\jboss-4.2.2.GA\server\default\conf:


15 years ago
I am getting the same exception, even though I have followed your suggestion of adding the recoverymanager in jboss-4.2.2.GA\server\default\conf\jbossjta-properties.xml

15 years ago
Hi Jaikiran,

Thanks for your reply. I have followed the below steps and try to run the server in port 01, but unfortunately I am getting the same error.

15 years ago
Hi all,

I have a general query. I just want to know if i am having an application which is using EJB2.1 and want it to change it to EJB 3.0, how much impact will be in terms of code change and other factors?
I am facing the problem while statring the JBoss server 4.2.2.GA in Windows 2000. The problem is, in the port number 1099, some other application is running, which I am suspecting the JBoss is also using for JNDI. So I am getting the following error: I couldn't stop the application that is already running in the port number 1099.

So I have edited the jboss-service.xml file in the following location:

I have changed the JNDI port number from 1099 to 11099 as follows:

But I am getting some other error:

Please help on this. My JDK is at:C:\java\common\bin\jdk1.5

[ January 02, 2009: Message edited by: Micheal John ]
15 years ago
Thanks Bear Bibeault & Henry Wong. This is the thing/answer I have looked for. I think I have posted the question like difference between app & web server. Thanks for interperting properly.

I have missed the term "Dual Level" setup..
15 years ago
Hi seetharaman,

webserver=you can deploy jsp/servlet project //you can not deploy ejb related project[example:Apache]

ApplicationServer=webserver=you can deploy jsp/servlet+ejb project[example:jboss]

I know this. I think you are not getting my question.
15 years ago
I am having a general doubt. Generally what is the necsessity of using both web server and app server?.
for example:

As far as my knowledge, we can use web server for generating a dynami pages and application server for exposing the business logic.
(Just for differentiating both, though app server has providing more features).

Since app server is subset of web server and whatever we can do it in web server, can be done at app server. Then in which scenario/situation we have to use both web server and app server.?
15 years ago
I am facing a problem with double byte values (Kanji, Kana Characters - Japenese). I have an application which fetches the double byte values from db and displaying it in jsp page. While dislpaying in the jsp, all the kana and kanji are displaying properly. I need to download the csv(excel) of whatever we displaying in the jsp. While opening the csv, I am getting the question marks(?) in the place of kana and kanji characters. I have tried with setting the content type to UTF-8.


But nothing is working. I am wondering how it's being displaying properly in the JSP page with only setting the content type as UTF-8 charset, but not in the excel. Whether I am missing anything? Please help to throw some light on it.

[ July 29, 2008: Message edited by: Micheal John ]
15 years ago
I am planning to write web service exam and started reading monson haefel web service book and reached upto JAX-RPC chapter. Before proceeding further, i need to know whether my understanding is right?

Please correct me if something/my understanding is wrong? My aim is not only to clear the exam, but need to understand concept well. I need to lay a good foundation.