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Recent posts by KH Yau

Make sure you have set classpath correctly, or call codebase. Use visual age and u don't have to worry for the classpth.
20 years ago
I wrote the test on Apr 30 - pass; and also cleared for all requirements. Yet, I haven't found my cert. in mail box. Can anyone tell me their experience? How long does it take to get the paper?
20 years ago
60% is enough for pass - why work for higher scores? Any extra benefit?
20 years ago
I found the answer myself. I have to invoke rmi registry by coding the following line in the main program of
Previously, I invoke registry from
Windows->Options->rmi registry
and then click "restart rmi registry".
Don't understand why the above procedures do not work (suggested by the book).
Hi, I follow instructions given by "Effective Use of Visual Age for Java" to create an RMI application. As said, I have to add project path to the workspace classpath so that the server program (implements rmi) can find the stub class. I did it but VAJ still throws exception, complaining xxx_Stub class not found. Does anyone out there use VAJ rmi? Thanks! KH
ok - i do notice smthg from the deprecated method which led to the decision to use UTF8 instead of 16. The deprecated method has an input argument 0 for "hiint" (check the api). I interpreted it as discarding the high-byte of the unicode. So only 8-bit is used, i.e. UTF8 - hope this help!
Now I am unsure about my interpretation...
From Robert's book, it says the major intent of such sticky requirement is to ensure thread safety being implemented at the client side as well as in the server side. I cannot find at which page i saw this.
Many things on Robert's book (complete java 2 cert) I don't understand. Have u checked out that book? There are no complete code listing on its example projects. kh.
I meant the db always resided at the server side. If client runs appl. at the server side of the machine, then client can access db directly while the server is set offline.
The project is initially a standalone appl. used at the "headquarter" - and we are asked to extend the application w/ client-server features so that branch offices can also book flights. However, we still want the appl. be able to access db directly at the head office - for testing or at the contingent situations when networking is done, say.
Have I missed any points? KH
UTF-8 is used to write primitive variables (int, char, etc) in binary form using 1 byte only. You won't see questions about encoding scheme in Programmer exam but I need this to remove deprecated method in my Developer assignment. Hope this help!
To the Adminstrator of this forum - I noticed my previous registrated name violated the convention required by this forum. now have it fixed. KH