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Recent posts by srinivas kanchanavally

what is the Junit version shud I use, given that our JDK version is 1.3?
or generally does JUnit work with any JDK Version
it wll be of great help if some one can help me out.
I have installed iplanet webserver 6.0 on win2k and tyring to deploy a web application.( i dont want to deploy it using war )
I have a index.jsp page which invokes a servlet for processing and servlet (processServlet)redirects to either result.jsp or error.jsp based on the result of the process.
I called the whole app as test app
so added a directory called testapp in docs of iplanet/servers/
now the user can access the index.jsp as
http://localhost ort/testapp/index.jsp
when the button is clicked on it the url changes to http://localhost ort/testapp/processServlet
in the web.xml which is in the testapp/WEB-INF
i have <url-pattern>/testapp/processServlet</url-pattern>
The problem is iplanet is not able to get the path of servlet class
In the error log file i can this message
for host trying to POST /testapp/processServlet, send-file reports: can't find c:/iplanet/servers/docs/testapp/processServlet (File not found)
thanks in advance
21 years ago
If you installed Iplanet web Server 6.0 sp2 on win2k with the default options you might have come across a dialog asking to choose the port number for accessing the server. ( not the administrative server). I guess By default the port no wll be 81. So y dont you try http://localhost:81 instead of just http://localhost
Srinivas Kanchanavally
21 years ago
hey good luck with ur interview.
Srinivas Kanchanavally
21 years ago
Thanks a lot.I heard that the sun One for solaris is freely downloadable ( not an evaluation or test copy). so just wanted to make sure.
21 years ago
Hi ,
Can some one help me whether Sun ONE application server is freely downloadable for Win and Solaris enviroment. if so what is the URL from which one can download.
Thanks for your help
Srinivas Kanchanavally
21 years ago
try starting web logic server with the following options. -ms64m -mx64m . These options woluld specify a default allocation of 64 mega bites of java heap memory to the weblogic server.
22 years ago
Hi Ashok
In the code which u gave as an example:
For ex:
tconFactory = (TopicConnectionFactory) ctx.lookup(MyJMS Connection Factory);
tcon = tconFactory.createTopicConnection();
tsession = tcon.createTopicSession(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);
topic = (Topic) ctx.lookup(MyJMSTopic);
tsubscriber = tsession.createSubscriber(topic);

you wll definately get a reference of the Topic COnnection Factory . but in the next line u get a connection object saying tconFactory.createTopicCOnnection();
It wll definately get a connection if MyJMS Connection Factory is configured or targeted to one server. But what happens if it is selected more than one server/cluster .
to which server does it connect to get the destination.
22 years ago
does any one know the exact and specific differences between stopping a WL Server and killing a WL Server.
As far as i know Killing a server is used to kill a remote WL server that has a node manager on its machine . where as Stopping a server can be used to either stop a administration server or a local managed server.
is this right?
are there any further differences.?
22 years ago
does any one have an idea how a managed server can communicate with another managed server in the same domain?
and can a managed server of say domain "A" communicate with managed server of Domain "B"?
22 years ago
Hi .
I would really appreciate if any one can help me resolve this doubt. I am trying to configure weblogic JMS attributes.

3.Follow the procedures described in the following sections
i) Configuring Connection Factories
Name : MyJMS Connection Factory
JNDIName : example.jms.TopicConnectionFactory
all others are default.
Target : server.
ii) Configuring Stores
The backing store consists of a file or database that is used for persistent messaging.

ii) Configuring Servers
Name : MyJMSServer
Store : default
ii) Configuring Destination
Name : MyJMSTopic
JNDIName : example.jms.exampleTopic

This is fine . and while coding both producer and consumer we get the TopicConnectionFactory
(MyJMS Connection Factory) and Topic (MyJMSTopic of the MyJMSServer) and establish a connection and then create a session and create
topicPublisher and TopicSubscriber .
If there are more than one Servers ( like MyJMSServer) then how do we get the reference of JMSTopic of MYJMSServer.
In other way how do we specify what server we want to use.
Is there any way where we can configure a server to a particular connection factory?
Please let me know
22 years ago
hey guys
can any one of you clear me this question.
when the program works in a non-networked mode, the database and user interface run in the same VM and no networking is performed, and no sockets should be created. so will there be ever a scinerio that a record need to be locked/unlocked? since there is only one client I dont think we need to lock/unlock a record but just for confirmation.
Thanks in advance
Thanks a lot Eddy , I hope that definately this URL will help me out to a good extent
Srinivas Kanchanavally

Originally posted by Eddy Chang:
Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but check it out.
Catalog of Non-Software Examples of Design Patterns
Compiled by Michael Duell

Can Any one email me any site (URL) or any book which gives me in detail non software examples of Software design patterns so that it will be easy for me to apply the patterns
Srinivas Kanchanavally
[This message has been edited by srinivas kanchanavally (edited May 20, 2001).]