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Recent posts by Patrick Beck

that means you have to :roll:
did you have to memorize for SCJP?
-> the same for SCBCD
and again...

can't you guys read? always the same questions... :roll:
there is no HF book for ejb3.
yes you should learn them by hard
enthuware seems to be pretty good, it also includes an application server to try out the examples
Ever heard about reading the FAQ/Links?
I recommend SCWCD before SCBCD

Originally posted by Prince Jain:

Can anyone help me by sending a link to download this book?
help me plzzzzzzzz?

you know that this stuff is under copyright? :roll:
[ January 07, 2008: Message edited by: Christophe Verre ]
here you can get the logo:

but why would you like to add the logo, isn't your certificate attached to your CV enough?

Originally posted by Kamal Agrawal:
I need the book, please forward it in my mail


omg :roll:

come on guys, get down. all the crying won't work. it will take some time to get a first release of HF EJB3, therefore, if you would like to finish scbcd5 this year, start with o'reilly ejb3, apres pro ejb or mastering ejb3...

I will go for it now.
16 years ago
you can read about other book recommendations in the SCBCD Links section
You won't find a free provider supporting an EJB3 container. For demo purposes, just install JBoss or Suns Appl Server on your local machine... it could be that easy
Mastering EJB3 is also a great one