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Recent posts by srikanth pragada


Today I have passed SCBCD 5.0 with 96%. I got 59 out of 61 right.

Here are the resources I have used during my preparation.

Few months back I read EJB 3.0 in Action by Debu Panda .

Recently (having seen many people recommending Oreilly EJB 3.0) , I have purchased Orielly EJB 3.0 book a month back and read that. I liked it but, it has so many silly printing mistakes, which really made me unhappy. During exam preparation, you do not want any printing mistake take a mark away from you. But I must confess, overall that is good book.

I read EJB 3.0 Specs (not completely because they are too boring) and JPA sepcs completely. Along with Simplified Specs also. I read SCBCD 5.0 study guide by Mikalai Zaikin , which is a simplified version of Core and JPA secs. It is good to review everything through that.

When it comes to Mock exams, I used Entuware EJB plus v5. It was good, though I could not agree with a few answers. Overall it is worth taking those mock exams. Mock exams are the ultimate preparation. You should never get to any certification exam without proper exposure to mock exams.

I have used Netbeans IDE 6.1 and Glassfish v2 for practice. That was about my preparation.

Needless to mention,, is the best website for Java certification. For all three - SCJP 5.0, SCWCD 1.4 and SCBCD 5.0 - I have used it.

Of course a good book on SCBCD 5.0, will make the preparation process a little easier. You know the importance of SCJP 5.0 by Kathy during SCJP preparation.

I thank ranchers for all their information and support.

12 years ago
What about SCWCD? What don't you aim at that.

There is no JAVA EE project that doesn't use Web Components. I think one should get more conversant with Web component before Business components.

As you may know, there are projects that do not use EJBs and JPA at all.

Give a thought to it.

In case you have decided to go with SCBCD, i think it may take two months to get an overall picture of what it is. I assume you spend around 4 hours per day.

Then do a mini project to get some idea about how to handle them and assemble them with web components.

Then start SCBCD preparation. It may take another 2 months.

Good luck.


I want to know is there any diagram of all important XML elements of ejb-jar.xml and orm.xml.

I know we get all details in Schema given in SPECS, but that is not easy to digest.

Please let me know in case if there is any such source.

I also want to know, how much of XML elements one must remember for SCBCD 5.0. Should we remember the names and order of the elements also. Will there be questions on that as well.

Thank you.


Yes. What I Understand from the SPECS is that we can have a method in superclass as well as subclass for the same event. But that is NOT the case with TopLink.

Who is wrong? SEPCS cannot be wrong. Is TOPLINK not doing what it should?

I am preparing for SCBCD 5.0. These inconsistensies could come in my way and take a question or two from me in the exam. I am worried about that.

Can idea about what stand should we take?

Hi Everyone,

I have created the following code.

The application is deployed successfully. I am using Glassfish and TopLink.
But when an Employee entity is loaded using find() method, it is causing error which says that multiple methods are present for the same event.

But SPECS say the following in Section 3.5.4.

If a lifecycle callback method for the same lifecycle event is also specified on the entity class and/or one
or more of its entity or mapped superclasses, the callback methods on the entity class and/or superclasses
are invoked after the other lifecycle callback methods, most general superclass first. A class is
permitted to override an inherited callback method of the same callback type, and in this case, the overridden
method is not invoked.

I have tried to override the same method. It is calling the method in subclass ( correctly).

Can anyone explain what's wrong with the above code.

I think what Anton Golovin said is right.

Do not forget there will always be a new version. EJB 3.0 has just started. I think ORM is getting its fair share now with Hibernate, EJB 3.0 & JPA.

You must prepare for an exam when you have time to spare. Of course we have to worry about relevance and EJB 3.0 is very much relevant in the current market.
Hi Everyone,

Did any one buy mock exam questions from JavaBeat.Com. Their price is pretty affordable.

From my experience I feel Enthuware is the best.

I an just curious to know about JavaBeat offer.