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AQUENT is seeking a Technical Lead to support an offshore solution to a major client in the Detroit area. This is a full time, salaried position. This engagement is a managed offshore solution and as such requires onsite support of our defined offshore work product and process.

The successful Technical Lead will mix a solid background in J2EE and user interface (UI) development with outstanding customer-facing skills. The Technical Lead acts as the steward of AQUENT's solution which requires an absolute commitment to a proven process, a never-ending quest for quality improvement, and a steadfast dedication to meeting/exceeding delivery expectations.

AQUENT's offshore solution utilizes our Indian development center. As Technical Lead, you will be expected to facilitate the growth and capabilities of this team through your ability to translate business requirements, direct process, manage an onsite client, and become ultimately responsible for the caliber of the work product coming from offshore. Typical business hours are 8-5 PM Monday-Friday, but will require your critical involvement in early morning/late night conference calls with your offshore team, as needed.

AQUENT's solution will require tremendous flexibility, and the ability to manage an ever-changing, high-profile project load that will encompass several project initiatives at once. The Technical Lead will remain a calming influence to both the client and external teams, relying on his/her ability to manage a defined process, and displaying a sense of urgency to push high-caliber work through the initiative cleanly and efficiently.

  • Demonstrated Leadership experience having led teams of 5+ people
  • Outstanding customer-facing skills, with particular strength communicating crisply and effectively to multiple audiences. The qualified person will have little trouble handling accents, and the ability to take steps to ensure successful communication with offshore developers
  • Demonstrated ability to document business and technical requirements
  • Outstanding technical background:

  • oSignificant experience within J2EE environments
    oKnowledge of XHTML, Javascript, and CSS
    oSolid understanding of CVS
    oDatabase design experience
    oExperience managing a remote, distributed team and experience with offshore development a strong plus
  • Flexible days and nights in response to engagement requirements.

  • Aquent is a professional services firm that specializes in helping companies all over the world, across a variety of industries, make use of people, processes, and technology more effectively than ever before. Since its founding in 1986, Aquent's pioneering approach to staffing, consulting, and outsourcing keeps the company a step ahead. Among its many industry-leading innovations, Aquent was the first in the field to offer an unconditional 110% money-back guarantee to clients.
    If you�re interested, or would like further details, you may send your resume or contact me directly.

    Scott Hajer
    Recruiting Manager
    AQUENT IT Solutions
    630-717-2536 Office
    shajer (at)
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    15 years ago