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since Nov 13, 2006
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Recent posts by Amar Sinha

Hi folks i m preparing SCBCD 2.1

I am having 2 doubts
1.Why CMR field can only initiated in ejbPostCreate() not in ejbCreate()...

2.on page 290 of HFEJB Question 8
Whats true about the client's view of an entity bean 's remote component interface ? (choose all that apply)

A. Mulitple clients can access the same entity object concurrently.
B. New Entity beans can be created using a method in this interface.
C. Entity beans may not survive a crash of the container
D. Business methods cannot return a reference to the entity object.

I think answers are A,D both are true..but answer give is A only.I am having doubt...D is true becuase B.M can not return a reference to entity object it should be EJBObject reference of Entity Bean...

Guys..please give help me out.
Correct Answers : A,D

Any comments by experts ?
Hi Folks,

I am having 3 years exp in J2EE working with MNC. I want to try for H1B-2007.I had already started mailing resume to some consultant.

I would like to know how is their technical interview compare to our normal technical interview in India.

Also if somebody can give me FAQs asked my H1B consultant in their tech. Interview.

Please help me guys...if somebody already have exp...
17 years ago
Hi Folks,

Please reply.
17 years ago
hi folk,
i got mail from following company [company name removed] for processing H1B 2007 .

They are ready to do processing Free of cost.

I need to know whether they are fake or geniune..and if genuine then any exp or feedback if you have.

Thanks ...its critical time for me thanks in advance
[ November 13, 2006: Message edited by: Gregg Bolinger ]
17 years ago