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Recent posts by S Sandy

Hi Gayatri,
Heartiest Congratulations on your Achievment!!
Congratulations My friend!!
12 years ago
My Heartiest Congratulations Todd!!
12 years ago

Shrouq Munief wrote:Congratulations, you have worked hard for it, keep smiling

Thank you very much for the valuable information.

All the best

Thanks Shrouq
and All the best for your exam

If you dont find the materials, PM me your email id....will email them to you.
Take Care
12 years ago

Shrouq Munief wrote:Dear Dreemer,
Congratulations for the great results!

I would very much appreciate sharing with us your experience in the test and let us know about the test requirements and readings
how much time did you require to prepare? what did you study?

Thanks for the help

Thanks Shorouq

You'll find the details here

Take care.

Last week I took the IBM SOA Foundation exam and I scored a 100%. I just couldn't stop myself from smiling like a maniac for a long long time. I just wanted to shout out aloud and tell everybody my perfect score

I took a 2 week's break from work and studied for almost 12 hours everyday. Now I feel my efforts were definitely worth it.
For all you guys who are preparing for the same, this is what I did

I studied from the following IBM Redbooks. Some of which I feel was not required, but i studied them anyways, not wanting to leave any stone (book) unturned . You can find them here. Just do a search for SOA and you will find more than you want. You might also find certain case studies. Do read them too.

  • Best.Practises.for.SOA.Management
  • Understanding.SOA.Security.Design.and.Implementation
  • Patterns-SOA.Foundation.Service.Creation.Scenario

  • Secondly, I read about a group - ibmsoacert - on yahoo from a post by some member on this forum. Here, I dug out some whitepaper material, PPTs and 108 questions. These are good. Do not give them a miss.

    Last, but not the least, I got my hands on "SOA for Dummies". It's a wonderful book, I must say. For a beginner like me, this was the best material to start with.

    Finally, I gave the exam. Now when I'm writing this, still can't stop smiling

    All the best to all of you guys preparing for the exam.
    Take Care and God Bless
    12 years ago
    Hey Suresh,

    Just wanted you to know - I passed the IBM SOA Foundation exam with 100% marks ......
    ....and just can't stop smiling

    and also wanted to say "Thanks".
    Well!! You know what I mean

    Good Luck to you
    No problem at all my friend
    Glad to be of help

    All the best
    Congratulations My friend
    Thats an awesome score!!

    Thanks for sharing your experience

    12 years ago
    Congratulations on your achievement Jogi !!
    12 years ago

    Suresh Jayaraman wrote:

    I just cleared exam today with 98%.

    My path to certification:

    1. Read SOA Fundamentals in a nutshell - Free download
    Was not convinced about the document's depth
    2. Read IBM's SOA Foundation - An Architectural Introduction and Overview - Version 1.0 - (skipped Appendix) - Free download
    This gave me a good feel and confidence
    3. Read Exploring IBM Smart SOA technology & Practice (skipped Chapter 4) - Free download
    This made my understanding comprehensive

    As I do always, I took my own comprehensive notes from all of the above. Went through few times to make sure I get a full hold

    4. Went through 108 questions.. (to make sure I dont blow away the $200 easily..)
    Made few mistakes. Drilled couple times to make sure I got some semantics right.

    5. Gave the exam

    Note: Study hours it took for me - about 60-80 hours (with lovely disruptions from my 4 year old)


    Hi Suresh,
    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS !!
    Thats a huge score. Awesome!!

    Secondly, Welcome to JavaRanch

    I am also preparing to give the IBM SOA Foundation exam before Feb end and am struggling to find the study materials for the same.
    Could you please email me ( the study materials that you have got on the subject.
    I would really appreciate your help.

    Hi Ali,

    I feel the book which you have is good enough and covers the topics in details ( I have myself read the book, but not completely though).
    I passed my SCSA for Solaris 10 OS in November 2009 with 87%.
    I studied from the "Exam Prep Solaris 10 System Administration" by Bill Calkins.

    and while studying from this book, I occasionally used to read from the book that you've mentioned.

    I'll try to find the dumps that I had tried solving while preparing for the certification (My laptop had crashed just 2 days before my exam)
    Anyways, All the best for your exams.

    Once again Rob, thank you very much for the information that you provided.
    It was a great analysis that you put up here. All the references that you provided have been of enormous help to me for my exams.
    In fact, the write up, the references, not to forget your experience, were of great assistance and helped me to pass the SCJA exam with flying colors.
    Thank you

    I passed my SCJA exam yesterday with 96% marks (just missed out on 2 questions ). Like you said, I wish I could go back and solve them too

    Take Care.

    God Bless.

    12 years ago