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One onf the most readable book for starters is HFDP

Though some OO purists may not fsvor some of the examples in the book !

I second you completely. It is the "business behaviour" that need to be considered during design. How it is done (wagging tail, smiling, pantin g..etc) is an implementation detail and should be left for individual animals to specify, for ex, cats wag tail when they are unhappy.

In this case we should identify the high level behaviours of animals like "expressing emotions", producing sound, movement, feeding etc. and define such common methods in the Animal class. Behaviors specific to certain animals (thinking, dancing etc) can be made as separate Interfaces and those animals can implement them.
Java 5 Executor Interface and related concurrent APIs should help you out in designing the same. The intention of Executor Class is as follows...

This interface provides a way of decoupling task submission from the mechanics of how each task will be run, including details of thread use, scheduling, etc

It also provides convenient implementations for creating various types of thread pools. see the links below.
Dont look at JVM memory usage unless you have reason to. Typically its the job of GC thread to watch for heap usage and execute it at regular intervals to remove unreferenced objects. So this typically results in a JVM heap usage pattern as you have mentioned.

If you are facing issues with memory like getting OOM error, then you can try tweaking the JVM heap settings if that solve the problem. In case nothing works, you may need to look at the memory usage pattern using some memory profiler tools to determine if your application is leaking memory.

As long as you practice good design and coding practices in your application development, performance tuning/monitoring should not be attempted pro-actively unless the situation warrants it. In most cases it results in unwanted efforts spend on tweaking code, without any results, and at times spoiling readability and OO-ness of the code.
15 years ago


Are you able to access this ip address from client network? Is there a firewall in between which might be blockng the IP or port or both?
The best option for you would be to look for positions in some chip design facilities. That job requires people with good spatial IQ skills and hopefully you can excel in that...
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15 years ago
You can use Google Maps API by providing it with Latitude and Longitude parameters of the start point and destination. I think you can also use Zip codes in case of US locations, not sure though...

Dont even think that you can do this using any other means if you intention is to find the actual surface/driving distance. However, if it is just straightline/flight path distance, then you need not use any external APIs, there will be some ready formulae available to do the same using Lat/Long o-ordinates.
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15 years ago
He cannot work or travel to US through another employer as his visa is sponsored by his current employer.

However if he had worked in the US for atleast 3 months through his present employer, he can request to transfer the visa to another company who has a job and willing to sponsor him.
15 years ago
1. Singapore - 2 - 10
2. Australia - 4 - 8
3. UK - 6 - 5
4. USA - 9 - 4
5. India - 10 - 9
6. EU - 5 - 2
7. Arab - 7 - 6
8. China - 8 - 7
9. SE Asia - 3 - 3
10 Japan - 1 - 1

Note: 1 to 10 in increasing order of ranking
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15 years ago
This is purely a policy matter for any company and is not dictacted by any labor laws. If your company allows, go ahead...
15 years ago
Interviwers are not from Mars! Put yourself in an interviewers position and see if you enjoy somebody rambling about his personal life, irrelevant life history etc if you ask him to "tell me about yourself". What would you like to hear? Say the same thing when you are asked to..
15 years ago
I recommend going ahead with the development using Webwork 2.x. This will help you later if you want to migrate to Struts 2.x as it is based on WW code.
15 years ago
Just setup a timer in your streaming loop for 30 seconds and close the stream at the end. The technique of finding bytes used for 1 sec will not work coz it varies with every file/encoding. And I am not sure if you really need to manipulate the file using JMF. In that case its better to have all files as 30 sec bits instead which may not be viable.
15 years ago