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Krzysztof Koziol

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since Nov 19, 2006
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Recent posts by Krzysztof Koziol

Finally I've received the final result. It took Oracle almost three months to grade my work. More details here

Maciej Jankowski wrote:Congratulations!

Can you see this certificate in your CertView page? What date do you have in "Date Achieved" column. I have the date when I downloaded the assignment from pearson site, not the date when I submitted the assignment or took part III. Just curious if this is common.

Thanks Maciej. I've got 11-JUL-2011 so the date when I submitted my assignment.


12 years ago

Krzysztof Grajek wrote:Congratulations!!! I'm still waiting for mine, just out of curiosity, what was your assignment title?

Thanks. It was Factory Homes (FH).
12 years ago
Hi Guys,

The time has come. This morning I received the following message:

"Congratulations! You have passed the Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect certification. You are among the elite 1% of certified Java professionals who have gone on to achieve the Java Enterprise Architect certification."

For me, waiting for the final score was a little bit nervous situation since I've received several emails from Oracle saying that the grading process will take more and more time... finally I gave up waiting for the final score and almost forgot about my submission:)

I would like to thank all users that were always here to answer my questions. Especially I would like to thank Sergej Logis and Jeanne Boyarsky.

I submitted my project (FH) on July the 10th and took the essay one week later.

If you have any questions feel free ta ask me.

Thanks to all once again and good luck on your exams!

12 years ago

Gurunath Dharmar wrote:Hi All,

I have uploaded my assignment (factory homes) on 15th july and still waiting for my result.
But i can see in this forum that many had got the result even within 2 weeks and submitted after july 15th.
Anyone please explain what sort of grading system is this.

I sent mine on July the 10th and haven't received any result so far.
I have FH assignment as well and submitted my work at the beginning of July...
This is strange. I did submit my work at the beginning of June and haven't received any score report from Oracle so far:(
12 years ago
Congratulations! Wow, it took 2 months to grade it.
12 years ago
Thanks for the clarification... I have to be patient and wait for an email and then for the final score.
You may use dependency to show that one class uses other class as method return type or method argument, one class use other class in the method body etc.

Thomas Kruse wrote:I had to wait about 10 weeks...

The grading took 10 weeks or you waited 10 weeks to get an e-mail that your assignment has been send for grading?

fahd helwani wrote:
I got mine after two days from the day I sent my assignment and took the exam.

Thanks for sharing this info. I took my essay exam today so hopefully they will find it and start grading my design this week:)
It's a dependency and it's UML compliant:)

Krzysztof Grajek wrote:Ok Krzysztof, I did as you said and now I can only wait, thanks for your help. Do you know anything about the deadline date (it was last day of July but I think I've read somewhere that it was extended - but I can be wrong).

In my case it took 3 days to get a new voucher #.
As for the deadline it was extended to 1st of October, more info on OCP blog:

Hi Krzysztof,

You have to contact OCP Team ( and request for voucher replacement (the one that you used to download your assignment). Once they replace it you will be able to upload your assignment.