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Recent posts by L Richardson

Hey Bodie
Thanks alot for responding to my question I think I am going to go with your suggestion, I like the idea of havin your own customize exceptions that you can call from code.
Thanks very much.
Hi guys!!.. Hopefully you can help me with this one.
I like to find the list of Exceptions Defenitions so that I can call them in code.
When using the Try{}Catch(e){} I have access to
e.description and
but does not enough information when an error occur. I like to access the line or origin where the error happened and the name of the error if possible.
Do you know where can I obtain such list? .. if it exist!! or which are the exception names I need to use to call in my code to get such values?
Thanx in advance.
Does anyone know How can I make the cursor invisible when going accross a page in code.?
Thanx in advance
Check the tab index of all your boxes and organize them in a cronological order from top to bottom then when setting focus to that specific one it will go to the next index in the hirearchi.
I need to create an instance of a program to be able to open it from javasript. How can I do this.
You can use the opener.windowname.document.all(nameofcontrol).additem theitem
to populate your combo box one at the time.
if for some reason this doesnt work let me know
Good Luck :-)
I'm trying to start up a program from my Java Script code
I need to launch the application by a user's push of a button
then I need to minimize the browser window session so that I can operate the other program
After the user fininshes with the application I need to hold a value and maximize my already opened browser window to return to the web app and use the computed value from the other program.
If you have any ideas on how to go about this problem I would gratly appreciate your help.
Thank you in advance
I am trying to use the open.window to get a new window
how can I make it modal so that I can still access the parent window thru code but cant switch focus to parent window until closing child window.

Thank you
21 years ago
I am trying to issue an open from my web app to launch a third party software application. I also need to minimize the browser window in order to operate the the newly open application. Once I finish with the tasks I need to close the third party software maximize my browser window and return to my Web App.
Any ideas on how to:
Open or Launch an application from your web app or web page
and on how to maximize and minimize the browser win from a web page.
if you have any ideas I like to thank you in advance for helping out.
21 years ago