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Vinay Kumar chowdary

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Recent posts by Vinay Kumar chowdary

Hi. Please read my question again. I dont want to allocate that much heap for a single program run. we want to keep the heap size to the minimum.

My question here is why does storing data into a StringBuffer take nearly 5 times the size o the file. Any other alternatives for thi design are welcome.Thanks.
10 years ago

My requirement here is to read a file and parse through the records present in the file. The total file size is 3.3mb But when I read through the file and store the contents in a stringbuffer for parsing, I see that the actual occupied memory in the heap is 15mb. We have memory heap contraints to allocate this much space to one file as we would have several files of huge sizes being processed in parellel. We want to keep the used java heap size to minimum.Can any of you suggest alternatives -- along with performance speed issues, if any --- for this approach ?

10 years ago
Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to inform everyone that I cleared SCWCD with 83%.Though its not a good score, I am ok with it as I had practically no experience in servlets and JSPs when I started preparing for the exam. Thanks to the HFSJ authors for their splendid book not to forget the efforts of fellow ranchers for their contributions in helping me to understand concepts through this discussion forum.
My preparation:
1) Read HFSJ book 3 times.
2) Read Mikalai Zaikin notes.I found it to be very useful for my preparation.Also used fredrics notes for revision.
3) Used Whizlabs simulator for my an average score of 71 in all the practise exams and 75% in the final exam.
I prepared for around 3 months before giving my shot.I scored 60% in the HFSJ Final Mock exam .So, its +23 for me.I got a lot of API and DD related questions in the real exam.I didnt read much of specs which I think is essential for a good score in the real exam.
I gave my final mock exam today and could get only 60%(41/69).I found this exam to be very difficult . I am also bit disappointed with this score.
My question is if the real exam will be of the same difficulty level .If not, then how much will be the difference in the scores of these both exams?
Thanks in Advance
Thanks for your reply.I could undertand now.
Hi All,

I could not find any information regarding the mandatory elements in the deployment Descriptor.Can anyone share any information regarding this?

Also, I am bit confused regarding the default value for the body-content element for Tag files, simple Tags and Classic tags.Somewhere I had read that the default value is JSP for Tag files body-content and scriptless for custome Tags(Simple and classic).Can any one explain regarding this in details.
Thanks in advance.

Please reply if the above scores are sufficient to get a good score in SCWCD.I am bit upset after seeing those low scores.Please let me know if I can go ahead with the exam.
Hello Ranchers,

I need your help to decide my target exam date.I scored 71,70,72,71 in the Whizlabs diagnostic and practise exams. I want to know if this is a good score and is sufficient to take the exam on Tuesday. I did not take the Hfsj Mock examc still.Please let me know regarding this.
Hi Rodrigo Dinis,

Thanks for your solution.I think that may be the problem.can you let me know as to how can I do it???

Thanks and Regards,

Hi all,

I am trying to execute the Advice Guy bean example in Head First EJB book.
But I am having problem while executing the Advice bean as it is not recognising the classes in the Package javax.ejb.*
Please let me know if I need to do any other settings in my J2ee 1.3 RI
Hi all,
I was going through Mikalai Zaikin notes and came across the following lines about forward method in request dipatcher..can anyone please explain???

"The path elements of the request object exposed to the target servlet must reflect the path used to
obtain the RequestDispatcher. The only exception to this is if the RequestDispatcher was obtained
via the getNamedDispatcher method. In this case, the path elements of the request object must reflect
those of the original request. Before the forward method of the RequestDispatcher interface returns,
the response content MUST be sent and committed, and closed by the servlet container. "
Hi Gowher and Satau,

Thanks for that..I understood now...

I came across these while reading HFSJ:

The best way is to synchronize on the ServletContext object.
synchronized (getServletContext())
This make the context thread-safe ONLY if ALL the servelts synchronize on the context.

However, I am bit confused abt the last line "This make the context thread-safe ONLY if ALL the servelts synchronize on the context"

can anyone explain this?