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Recent posts by Mayur Bodkhe

No requirement, I guess.

But unless you clear all 3 part & Training you wont be getting certificate.

But in your case looks like you only want to complete part, which i think should be fine.
Hi Peter,

Was just curious to know what topics book covers for JSON ???

Does it covers following topics

1. Using JSON to Transport Java Objects
2. Handling JSON Encoded Objects
In order to avoid this scenario what changed we need to make in Code...
13 years ago
I just wanted to Know.. what material you have used for SOA Associate other than SW717 / 718 / 719..
In java Thowable is super class of all exception and error.
Since your are throwing new RunTimeException inside f() method, it has matching catch cause.

Now since you have both catch and finally clause, first precedence is for catch casue.

Then you are catsing Throwable object to Exception object which is valid.

also for that you have matching catch statement. so it will get executed firstly.

catch1 will be printed.
then inner finally will executed and will print finally1
and at last outer finally will get executed and will print finally 2.

so output must be

I cleared SCJP 1.5 with score of 90%.

Thanks to all members of Java Ranch who have always provided valuable information.

To Bert,Kathy and Marcus

It was because of all your great efforts that you have put into writting book, prearing study guides and resolving queries;without you all it is almost impossible to clear exam.

I express my sincere thanks to each and every one.

About My Preparation
Duration : 2 Months
Books Used : SCJP 5.0 Certification Study Guide by Kathy,Bert
Daily Hours for Study : 2 Hrs.

Study guide used: Dave Allen, SCJP Tiger, 2 Minute Drill,DAN,Khalid Mughal and Marcus Green.

Mock Test: Taken almost 10 days for Mock test and tried to analyse answers for which I was not able to get correct answers.
15 years ago