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Recent posts by Inderjit Singh

Thanks for reply

Its ok that these all are illagal. My Question is that exactally which charaters we can use for naming identifiers. Like..


or any else?

In book, its written that we can use string connector like underscore. Is their any other string connecter exist in java..?
Is their any other character except above mentioned? please reply...
16 years ago

Originally posted by dhwani mathur:

The all 4 options shown by you are not
legal identifiers....bcoz the first option has
# in it which is illegal.second option start with ( which is not allowed
the third option start with letter but preceded by (-)
so this is also not allowed and finally fourth option has dot
which is too not legal what i mean here
is ,it must be a character which can preeced a underscore ,or underscore
or a currency symbol ....and you asked about
unicode it is as u000 format...........
i hope it helps...................

It means we can only use..
16 years ago
Technically,legal identifiers must be composed of only Unicode Characters, Numbers, Currency symbols and connecting characters like underscores.
my questions are questions..

1.Please tell exactally which charaters we can use and which characters comes under unicode characters?

2. These are legal or illegal and why?

int e#;
int :b;
int d-;
int .f;

please tell me with reason..
16 years ago
Hi to all,
Can anyone provide me Enthuware or Whizlabs test simulator for SCJP1.5 . Please provide me link or dump to my email id DELETED


email adress deleted
[ July 27, 2007: Message edited by: Burkhard Hassel ]
Thanks to all of you.
Hi Ranchers,

I am Inder from India. I came back here after 8 months. How are you all?

I have completed my masters in IT and have some knowledge of Java. but now..

I need your help. I wanted to do SCJP form 1 year but due to some reason i was unable to start it. Now again i wish start the study. I bought K&B book.

Please help me. Is only this book is sufficient? Please guide me accordinglly and tell me what i do?

How much time it will take? I know it depends on individual but as an avgrage how much time?

waiting for your reply

Thanks bye!
Hello friends,how are you all?
First of all Happy New Year to all.

Please help me you all. I am going to SCJP1.5, but some people told to me that go for SCJP1.4 instead of 1.5. I have bought K&B book for this. Can anyone tell me whether i am going towards right direction or not. Also tell me whether is book is enough for this or i have to go for another one also.
Please provide me study material,Question Paper with answer. I will be thankful to you all.
I want to clear it in first attempt. so please..
Please help me...
Hi Guys..
First thanks to you all for helping me.
As Jothi and Ahmed guide me to buy K&B books for JSCP.
Whether its full name is..
SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Practice Exams (Exam 310-055)

It is of red and white color front. am i right?
Can you tell me..?
Thanks Jothi for your kind suggestion.
Definatally it would be funny to say there is no good book for java as i dont have such information.
Thnaks to you.
i friends. How r u all?
Please tell me,Whether i go for SCJP1.4 or 5?
I am confused? Some say that,there i no any good book for 1.5 and some say that we should go for newer version.
Its ok that 1.5 is advanced but if good meterial is not available then how i will study?
Now what i do? You all tell me..
Hi Jothi Shankar Kumar Sankararaj
Thanks for your reply. Happy to know that you r an Indian.

I didnt got the meaning of HFJS,HFEJB.
I think EJB is in Bussiness Component Stream. What is viws regarding Web Component Developer, Whether it is in-deemand in german also..
Reply me and keep in touch always
My personal E-mail Id is:
Hi Guys..
I m new here. Myself Inder. You all please help me.
I have done M.Sc(IT) after DOEACC "A" Level.
I wanted to go for Java Certification but i didnt know the proper path. I got some information from net, i still have some confusion.
First plz tell me which track is more in-deemand,Web-Component Dev. or Bussiness Comp. Dev.
i am little bit confuse in exam SCJA and SCJP. To become a Web Comp. Dev whether i have to go for both these exam first or only for SCJP?
Like for the exam SCJWCD, SCJP should be cleared. Similarlly what is the Reuirment for SCJP?

and I didnt know the sysllabus for these exams and study meterial. Please help me you all and guide me.
I only read the Java Complete Ref. please tell me about books also because i didnt have any source of information. Only you guys can help me. What about Wrox Publisher books?

You can mail me at :
Please....Please........ Help me
Waiting for your reply.....

[ December 02, 2006: Message edited by: Barry Gaunt ]