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Recent posts by Anthony Ku Ong

I passed SCBCD with 100%!!! Time for some drinks now :P

I want to thank everyone on Javaranch and all its resources to help me achieve
such remarkable success. Good luck to everyone doing this exam. Indeed, there are some super tricky questions (watch out!)
My preparation time was roughly 3 months (2-4 hours a day).

Resources used:
* EJB 3.0 in Action book (Debu Panda, Reza Rahman, Derek Lane)
* Mikalai Zaikin's Notes
* EJB and Pesistance specs
* Henry Naftulin notes:
11 years ago
Hi Ranchers!

I didn't expect to get a such a great score, I thought I would make at least one or two mistakes (and thought I surely did!) , but I managed to clear SCWCD with 100% today!
I have been preparing since last year on and off but have been pulling it off until now I dedicated the last 1.5 months to prepare for the exam.
The only required material is knowing HFSJ and doing the final mocks at the end of the book, and the final mocks at the end of each

Prep Material
- HFSJ First Edition read 1 time. (Thank you Kathy,Bryan and Bert )
- HFSJ Second Edition read 2 times.
[ so went through three iterations of this book, although they are almost identical except some new material regarding DynamicAttributes in the 2nd Edition,
and a new mock exam ]
(Aside: the above resource is the only one you need, there is not one exam question I found that the book did not cover
either in the chapter or in the practice exams)

Supplementary Material

-Hanumant Deshmukh for SCWCD Exam Study Kit (Read 1 time)
[This is good, but it may miss some exam topics and over-emphasis topics that are not covered on the exam,
I also found that the mock exam questions in HFSJ was a more accurate indicator in how you would do in the final).

There are so many wonderful SCWCD notes, but my top favorites were...

My Favourite SCWCD Notes
- Barney Marispini SCWCD notes -
- Mikali's notes SCWCD notes ****
- Peabody On Scwcd Patterns (you will NOT get a single question wrong if you study this)
- Ashok SCWCD API (this is a must have and is beautifully summarized).
- Ashok SCWCD full web.xml (this is a must have and is beautifully summarized).

The majority of the notes are just condensed versions of HFSJ (which is what you should be reading anyways)

- Enthuware's JWeb+ V5 For SCWCD 5 (This is the best for mocks out there since it covers all objectives)
- JavaBeat SCWCD 5.0 Mock Exams (this is okay)
- Practised Marcus Green mock exam [okay]
- Jyothi Kumar Shankar Raj's SCWCD hints [okay]
- JavaRanch forum.

Random Notes and Tips:
- Please do check out SCWCD Links here --->>>>>
- The exam has 69 questions
- It has a few Drag and Drop Qs
- It is much easier than SCJP (personal opinon)

- From my experience on my exam I found
* a strong ephasis on JSTL, EL Chapters 8,9,10
and they are probablly the trickest out of all the questions.
* Weakest ephasis on Filters (don't know why)
* Easiest sections was Security and Web deployment structure for me.
- memorization of SCWCD API (see Ashok) is a must if you want to score high.
- I also found that I could have done exteremely well without the aid of HFSJ 2nd Edition,
HFSJ 1st Edition is okay.
- The mock exams in HFSJ mostly reasonable the real thing
- I believe 1-2 months is sufficient for anyone who has a decent score in SCJP.

Cheers, and good luck to all prospective test takers.
12 years ago
Congrats, and I agree SCWCD would be a good step.
14 years ago