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Recent posts by Jigar Naik


I am new to regex, can someone tell me how do i write regex which will return me below 2 seperate strings from string "concat(hello,world)"


Would appreciate if you can point out a good tutor to learn regex.

I tried below but it's returning me (hello,world) i want "hello" from the first group and "world" from the second group and so on depending on the number of parameters passed to the function.

5 years ago
Eclipse sometime does not clean the error message once it is resolved, so you need to manually delete it even though it is resolved.
8 years ago

I am using Spring 3.x & JPA.

I am calling a service method as declared below with annotation @Transactional

As i have declared method with annotation @Transactional(propagation = Propagation.REQUIRES_NEW) it should ideally start a new transaction with session but i am getting below exception.

Exception stack trace.

Here is my web.xml

Here is my jpaContext.xml

Not sure why it's throwing lazy loading exception even though i am starting new transaction.

Can somebody help me overcome this issue ?

Jigar Naik.
8 years ago

I have created one logging aspect for logging every method calls of one class. however pointcut method is not getting called. Can anybody help me out in troubleshooting this issue.

Below are the code snippet.

Application Context.


9 years ago

From your stack trace only.

weld.weldClassIntrospector is missing

Hello Guys,

I have implemented a web service client, which takes XML as an input and returns XML output.

I am converting that XML into fix length format to pass it to mainframe system and mainframe system will return fix length string.

I am calling mainframe system using JMS and using CorrelationID for identifying response.
I am using receive() method with correlation id as message selector and timeout of 5 seconds to get response from mainframe systems.
However the one who reviewed my code said. "Instead of using receive() method use Listener."

Now i am not able to understand how can i use Listener which works asynchronously with the web service which works synchronously.
Web service need to send response within few seconds.
How can i bind Listener's onMessage(Object object) with web service response ?

How do i design it ?
<%@taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" prefix="c"%>
<%@taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/fmt" prefix="fmt"%>

<%@taglib uri="http://www.springframework.org/tags/form" prefix="form"%>
<%@taglib uri="http://www.springframework.org/tags" prefix="spring"%>

Why all these tag lib are not working when i run the application from eclipse, If i create war file and run the tomcat independently it works fine.

Tomcat 7
JDK 1.7
iOS 10x
Eclipse Luna

I am trying to use JSTL in my spring MVC web app. I am getting below error message.

Below is the entry of my pom.xml for jstl tag.

Not sure why i am getting this error message.
I checked the jstl jar in my classpath. the URI also seems to be the correct in the tld. file.

Can anybody spot the issue here ???

I am using tomcat 8.0.


I am facing below issue while configuring Queue Manager details in IBM WebSphere Admin Console

I am stuck with this issue, tried many things from google. None of them seems working for me.

Seems like it's able to to connect to Queue Manager because when i give wrong Queue Manager name it's giving different error message.

I am using IBM Web Sphere Trial Version 8.5, IBM Web Sphere MQ 8.5 with MQ Explorer 8.0.

9 years ago
Why configuring web sphere is so complex !!! Why it's not like tomcat or weblogic or jboss ??
9 years ago

Is there any good end to end JMS outbound example for synchronous request response functionality ?

I tried to Google through but could not get any end to end small simple example.

9 years ago

I am trying to use togglez library for future toggle with Spring 2.0.
but the issue is that in one of the class of togglez library which usses method from Spring 2.5 to get applicationContext object.

Code from togglez library

so to load applicationContext for Spring 2.0 I have overridden method find as below.

but the issue is that togglez library is still calling it's own version of find method.

Can anybody help me solve this issue.
9 years ago

I have mocked one object and trying to mock one method which takes enum type value as a parameter but i am not able to pass the value of type enum with jmock. Below is the code snipet from test class.

where method findByMappedId takes enum MasterDataStatus in the last parameter.

When i run this test i am getting below error message.

Can anybody help me on this ?

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10 years ago
I cant believe I asked this question. I think it's an effect of loooong working hour.

Anyways thanks a lot everybody, My concept on Exception hierarchy and inheritance is now clear.

Will surely get familiar with Java Doc very soon.

Cheers !!
10 years ago

In my below code, BusinessException is subclass of Exception.
IOException is subclass of Exception that means IOException is also a subclass of BusinessException then why method saveFileToServer(..) needs to catch IOException even though i have declared throws BusinessException on saveFileToServer(..).

Can anybody clear my doubt ?
10 years ago