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Thanks for your reply guys.

Do you mean that the container first reads the DD and then overrides the DD configurations according to the annotations in classes while loading them.Also loading the classes which does mean that, Every class in the application will be loaded while the server startup? where as in case of servlets the servlet class is loaded on the first request untill we specifically mention it to load while server startup using
Can any one please help me out to understand how the annotations are processed by the container? and how does container use it when compared to DD?
To be clear the requirement says that the file content should be viewed by the user but the user should not be allowed to save a copy of the content.

I tried by disabling the menubar, right click event's in the browser window in which it is opened.In that part it was ok I was not able to save the content.

The problem is the content displayed is not same as the word file the images in the word file are not displayed porperly and also with some text alignment issues.

Is that will be correct way to convert the word document to image and displaying the image?

I tried and,the problem with this was the image is too large to display the document size is nearly 260kb but image ranges upto 3000kb so I'm unable to show the image.The image is not displayed while the 10kb size image is displayed properly.
13 years ago
Yes you are right, that's why I haven't tried application/msword since it opens with word the file could be copied which is not allowed as per the requirement.

My idea is to open it in jsp so it can be prevented from copying by disabling the properties of the window in which it is opened.

Any suggestions?
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13 years ago
hai all,
I have a ms word file in server side. when client requests for that file the content of the file should be displayed in jsp as the same in document file.Because it should only be allowed to read and should be restricted from saving.

I tried by saving the word file as html but the image are not displayed.Also I tried by writing the bytes of the file to response output stream, it's ok for text but image not displayed properly.

In both the case I used text/html as MIME type.

how it should be done ?
Any idea's ?
13 years ago
Hai All,
I am creating a jasper report and I need to be displayed in browser in pdf format.It works fine with HTML format but when I export it to PDF it opens a blank PDF page no records are found.

I get the following exception

Can any of you help me please what is going wrong in this?
I do have a doubt about the question...

If there is no String class in java and we are supposed to create the same by our own then how the declaration like this are to be handled

MyString string = "Example String";


MyString stringexample = new MyString("Example String");

Assume the class


is the one which we create instead of the



Then what does the things inside the "" mean to the compiler if we don't explicitly say what it is?

Also in String class how that is implemented?
13 years ago
Hai Congrats ......
It would be helpful if you give your ideas about exam and questions little bit briefly.
14 years ago
Hi all,
I am in need to unmarshall a xml file in which the
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> element is not given as the xml data is been received from URL dynamically i am not able to unmarshal it.I am getting the error that the given input is not in UTF-8 encoding format.there is an euro symbol in the to solve this problem???
Michael Ku ,
Actually i had too got the source from net for practicing and i had struglled to implement it.But after doing that i felt how easy it is.but the the way i found difficult was only untill i am able to execute my first example.i had implemented it in form based authentication to authenticate and latter upon i moved to jaas for authenticaion and authorization.untill now i am having a basic idea not much depth knowledge.moving my steps deepper in to it.

15 years ago
Simple API for XML (SAX) or the Document Object Model (DOM). Both of these parsers are provided by Java API for XML Processing (JAXP). Java developers can invoke a SAX or DOM parser in an application through the JAXP API to parse an XML document that is, scan the document and logically break it up into discrete pieces. The parsed content is then made available to the application. In the SAX approach, the parser starts at the beginning of the document and passes each piece of the document to the application in the sequence it finds it. Nothing is saved in memory.

The application can take action on the data as it gets it from the parser, but it can't do any in-memory manipulation of the data. For example, it can't update the data in memory and return the updated data to the XML file.

In the DOM approach, the parser creates a tree of objects that represents the content and organization of data in the document. In this case, the tree exists in memory. The application can then navigate through the tree to access the data it needs, and if appropriate, manipulate it.

for more details goto [URL=][/url]
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hai ,
i got a critical situation that when i logged in using JAAS once the user has been authenticated then the user should be redirected to home page how to do this? any idea......
15 years ago