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Recent posts by poorna prakash parvathala

Well done ! Congratulations !!
13 years ago
try this

it has the utility programs you can extract to suit your needs
14 years ago
Hi Justin
As per my understanding this forum will help you and assist you with problems/issues
and do not write the code for you.
you can reframe your question like for asking the ways to do it .
14 years ago
hi anurag

i guess you are forwarding the request before your performing login check

rd = req.getRequestDispatcher(path);
<b>rd.forward(req,res); </b>


so, irrespective of your login information the request gets forwared to the logical path "/Register" only.
14 years ago
the hidden form fields are not different from the normal form fields except user didnt enters a value instead the value is hard written (usually) while generating the page.

could you please post the client html/Jsp !
14 years ago
you can implement the 'Synchronizer Token' pattern,
with a hidden token in the rewrited URL (based on which the token gets validated)

for more info visit the fallowing link :
14 years ago
hi your problem is because of the character encoding of the Request

to ensure the character encoding is 'UTF-8', you can place this in you JSP

<%@page pageEncoding="UTF-8" contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8"%>

or if your page is simple HTML then

you can include the same inforamation in meta tag

<meta http-equiv = "Content-Type"; content="text/html";charset="UTF-8">
14 years ago
as the name implies
Request Attribute will be having the scope of Request and Request only.
it dies along with the Request.
if you want its scope to be extended .. may be you can go for broader scopes such as session.
[ January 03, 2007: Message edited by: poorna prakash parvathala ]
hi albert,

there API's available for barcode reader
there is java.comm framework which work with solaris/linux
and for windows platforms there is api called RXTX
though they dont process things for you , but they'll give basic utilities or I/O methods for you external I/O (barcode reader in this case)

for your data base architecture , i suggest you to be ready with all the Class Diagrams and Interaction Diagrams.. you automatically realize the DB Scemas you might be requiring.
14 years ago
lets see this hypothetic situation,(for Post Filter)

where you have a report generating module and say N number of servlets are generation different reports and creating some XML data as a result.

now you can create one Filter which processes the resulting XML into HTML so you can present it to the browser.

and you can append that Filter to all the Servlets which are creating the reports.

as useful as that.
[ January 03, 2007: Message edited by: poorna prakash parvathala ]
here's the explanation.

A "parameter" is a form field name/value pair passed from the HTML side of the world. Its value is a String.

An "attribute" is a Java object name/value pair passed only through the internal JavaServer processes. (I.e. it can come from a JSP or servlet but not an HTML page.) Its value is an Object.
repeat :

"no matter whatever code fallows.. if control reaches a return statement
the method returns to the calling portion "
you can make a java application installable
however, the installer is platform dependent

for the windows platform specific installer

check out this link,

hope this will help
14 years ago
it comes around 8500 INR as sun increased the prices from 150 USD to 200 USD.
as c is a two dimentional array,
Here c[1] refers to an array of one dimention
and c[2][2] is the value on that array index

hence you code is expecting an object to be returned , c[1] is correct because all arrays are objects in java.
and c[2][2] will return a character leteral which is not an object and cannot be one, hence this option is incorrect.