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You don't have to use the @WebserviceRef annotation in the adapter since is not a managed class. You can instantiate the generated web service client proxy. I used the adapter to convert whatever external interface to the interface expected by my system.
I used the adapter pattern.
1% of certified Java professionals
9 years ago
I just got the certification package from Oracle after 4 weeks since I got the results. In the CertManager database there is a section Certificates Mailed - Past 60 days. I was able to see there that the certification was processed.

Does the book include any tips,steps or samples of creating new ui widgets?
Yes, thank you Peter.
9 years ago
Are there included in the book any indications and tips about the performance of ACL?
I know that in case of many permissions and targets this is a critical point.

I have some questions to gain the maximum performance.
When are the permissions loaded in memory(from db) and in which scope?(application,session - for web application)
If the user updates a permission when shall be the change reflected? Right away, after re-login.
If the user updates a permission what is the best strategy to reflect the change? Right away, after re-login?
Shall be the entire list of permissions reloaded from the database?

Thank you.
9 years ago
Ok. Thank you.
9 years ago
Is the book covering those topics?
9 years ago
I believe that you cannot prove any numbers until you are prototyping, test and measure in an environment close to the production one.
Most of assignments doesn't require more than 1k concurrent users and if you design your solution to scale there are good chances to reach the NFR numbers by adding more hardware if necessary.
Are the design patterns updated for jee5? Some of the patterns, like transfer object, might be less useful with jee5.
If not then what is new regarding this chapter?
I think you are giving to much details about the assignment, that's why you are not getting any answer.
Please check
It is not necessary to use JMS. Use cases for using JMS are related to integration and asynchronous operations.
In the real world you will send the PO by email. It is not reasonable to assume that each of the many suppliers are listening to one/many jms queues to receive PO.
In the same pattern it is written that

... this pattern could be used to reduce coupling between other tiers, not simply the presentation and the business tiers. ...
The Business Delegate also handles the exceptions from the business services, such as java.rmi.Remote exceptions, Java Messages Service (JMS) exceptions and so on. ....
The BusinessService is a business-tier component, such as an enterprise bean or a JMS component, that provides the required service to the client.