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Recent posts by Kirill NKaufmann

I would like to get certified by SUN. Does anyone have a website link for me or some information about it? I live in UK (Reading) are there any places that run the courses anywhere near?
Thanks for your help!
18 years ago
I agree with Cindy, the best way is to have a .bat, JVM is alreay present all the Windows PC's starting from 95(?). If you really NEED to have a stand alone .exe there is a proggy that does this called JET. You can download a trial version from:
Kirill N
18 years ago
Is there a class that would let me do things like close running programs, execute programs, and general windows stuff?
18 years ago
I found someting really cool, BMW now started making short movies. The films are pretty cool I watched all of them. Most have some nice car chases and they are made really well.
Check it out
18 years ago
For some time now I have been studying OOP. My course included essential concepts, a lot of theory, UML and a bit of implementing.
Today I had my final exam in it and I think I did well. At the beginning we where offered two different papers: one based on C++ and the ohter based on JAVA. I took the one on JAVA.
I have learned a lot from the course and now I am familiar with the basics of OOP. I shall surely be hanging around this forum in future.
Ok, I am done, I have learend a lot from this, thanks to all of you who have been so kind to give me a hand with this, I now understand how to write a program that uses vector class. Again, many thanks to all of you who have contributed.
My holliday is just 2 weeks ago, then I will really hack some JAVA code!
18 years ago
I ordered Just Java 2 a couple of days ago from Amazon.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Frank Carver:
Not to diminish your excitement, but it happens automatically after you have posted 32 messages ...

I know, so whats the next stop?
18 years ago
I am gonna do the N one
18 years ago

Originally posted by JUNILU LACAR:
I was in Singapore from 1992-97. Worked in various places there: City Hall, Tanjong Pagar, Sungei Kadut, Raffles Place, Woodlands, and NTU. Hung around some with the Ang Moh crowd at the Boat Quay on Fridays, too. My favorite memory of Singapore: Grilled stingray at the Newton hawker center. Yummmmy...
Small world...

Cool you worked in the Raffles Place? I have eaten there once it was one of the best meals I have ever had in my life.
I was in Singapore 1995-97, I lived in Jurong East just where Chinese Gardens are. Singapore brings a lot of good memories: tasty food, warm weather the whole year, fantastic shopping centres, endless skyscrapers, nice girls... I really loved living there.

18 years ago
Ohh, I have quite an interesting history too
in the past I lived in:
-Holland 1.5 years
-Singapore 2 years
-Belgium 2 years
-Russia 7 years
and now I am in UK
18 years ago
I have made sort of a pseudocode for the project
is that more or less correct in terms of the conversion steps such as wrappers etc?
1) Create a Vector

2) Bring up on screen instructions (to enter a value)

3) Convert the input String to an integer object

4) After the value is entered ask t he user whether he or she wants to enter another value or to sort the numbers. If the user chooses to input another value go to step 2. If the user chooses to sort the values proceed to step 6.

5) Append the integer object into the Vector
6) Detect if only 1 or no values have been entered and give an error message and go to step 2. Else go to step 7
7) Use a loop to compare the elements in the Vector and sort them appropriately.

18 years ago