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And for my access query, I am converting the string object to a date using the cdate() function.

It does not give me any error. But the cdate is returning some unambiguous dates. Can anyone please help?

We are designing a JSP page and the backend is MS-Access. In Access, the date format is in SHORT format (MM/dd/yyyy). Now I need to query my access tables using the Java date objects created in the JSP. The following is the method I am trying now:

I have a MQ client on sun solaris 5.10 box. The admin have created queue managers in it. Do any of you have idea about how I can get the available/see the available queues on a particular queue manager?

Thanks in advance,
14 years ago
You can set the CLASSPATH as either a user variable or system variable. As the name says, if it is set as a user variable, it is available for the particular user. If it is set as a system variable, the classpath is available to all.

14 years ago

<BEA-101248> is only a WLS warning and as Rang pointed the reason could be is your web.xml does not conform to the standards of the DTD you are using. For eg, in the recent dtds, the tags need to be in a specific order in the web.xml
14 years ago
As Joe said, it is not different in WLS 9 too. You can create a new domain using the domain configuration wizard. The wizard asks you a set of questions to customize your domain and also prompts for a username/pwd. You can then use this brand new domain for deploying your apps.
14 years ago

Check your web.xml to see if you have the necessary servlet entries. If you still have problems, just post your web.xml too here in this forum
14 years ago
Many congratulations Thang!
14 years ago

You can follow Kathy Java Certification book by Kathy Sierra. It's a good one if you want to take 1.4. you can watch other topics under SCJP forum for more information
14 years ago
----> This is the parent class with the foo method which takes an argument
---> This is a child class of A, so all the methods and member variables of class A are available to class Baba. So foo(int) method is available here and foo() is the overloaded method in class Baba

Simply, overloading is method with the same name (but different args, no. of args)
overriding is the method with the exact same signature(same arg, same no. of args)
14 years ago
Hi Mahudeeswaran,
The SCWCD book by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates is just sufficient to pass through the exam. However, you can use Jignesh Malavia for the last chapter, i.e Design patterns. It is covered in a better way in Jignesh's book as compared to Kathy's. All the best!
Hi Victor,

I suggest you take your WCD first and then go on with your BCD. As Arun said, BCD concentrates on EJB alone which WCD has JSP, Servlets in the curriculum. I feel JSP, servlets could be a head start to develop your J2EE application. Go ahead and start it! All the best!
Thanks Vikas for the information. I have got my certificate now. There is another option which I tried. Probably, anyone who have such problems can send an e-mail to describing the issues related to sun certifications. They will be able to give a solution and give a prompt reply to your mails. Good luck!
hi Devendra,
To answer the 2nd part of your question: how does the container establish the link between the Movie bean and the director bean? This is the answer:

The whole point of having the CMR field (Director) in the Movie bean should answer your question. Container managed relationship fields are those that explain how the two beans are associated to each other.