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Java Architects required in Chennai for SRA Systems CMM Level 4 company (www.srasys.com)
The following are job specs.

Job Description:

As you look to the future, you seek an organization that is doing the same � reaching higher and exploring bold, new directions. SRA Systems Limited is that organization. Our name might be new but our experience isn�t. We have over 20 years of experience in helping our clients reaching their financial goals.

We are looking for Architects to impress our customers with solving their technical and business problems by revolutionizing the way in which we provide solutions.

SRA offers a comprehensive set of integrated products as well as projects that are specific to customer requirements ranging from ECommerce applications, Enterprise Applications, Control Systems to business applications.

The projects and products at SRA are implemented with a variety of technologies, including Java, C# ,C++, XML, COM, and HTML/java-script.

Our Architects are responsible for the overall quality of one or more coherent bodies of technology (architectures) created and maintained by a team of engineers and providing overall technical leadership to that team. We define quality as the degree to which we are able to provide consistent architectures that successfully solve the dominant complexities of the applications we build.

The Architect will be responsible for a set of these architectures developed to solve the business need of the customer. The Architect is accountable for the architectural design and quality attributes of the technical assets.


1.Drive the technical strategy and lead team(s) in meeting the strategic objectives.
2.Foster high performing technical teams
3.Identify and recruit technical leaders into the organization
4.Designs complex systems at the component level, makes strategic technology choices, and directly supervises the quality of designs and implementation inside and between components.
5.Influence project managers to insure appropriate levels of quality on owned architecture(s).
6.Collaborates effectively with peer architects to solve complex problems spanning their respective areas and resolves technological disagreement with informed, rational debate.
7.Arbitrates disagreements among engineers and make decisions where needed without damaging relationships.
8.Coaches, mentors, and delegates to engineers to facilitate their development.

1.Engineer, BCA, MCA in computer applications
2.Five+ years of experience designing and building applications, with a minimum of three years in desktop application systems architecture (a strong preference)
3.Commercial, consumer-oriented application experience is a plus
4.Very Strong experience with object-oriented software development methodologies and practices
5.Significant experience (3+ years)Java or
6.Experience with relational database is a must and manufacturing applications is a plus.
7.Experience estimating schedule of proposed objectives.
8.Compares, contrasts, and prioritizes among alternative approaches to meet those objectives while assessing risk both quantitatively and qualitatively.
9.Demonstrates seasoned judgment to suggest approaches that optimize among customer needs, business constraints, and technological realities
10.Influences and communicates effectively with non-technical audiences including senior product and business management.
11.Comfortably moves between varying levels of abstraction from business strategy to product strategy to high level technical design to detailed technical design to implementation.
12.Clearly documents and communicates objectives, requirements, and designs at these different levels of abstraction to both technical and non-technical audiences

Mail me your updated C.V in wordformat with your Current & Expected CTC.
It will be great if you recommend some of your friends and colleagues for the above.

Hr Consultant
Sapphire Corporate Services India Private Ltd
17 years ago