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Recent posts by Sandeep Krish

Thank you all.
It was BigSmoke Cigar online shop
Hello Ranchers,
I am so excited to let you all know that I am SCEA certified (I am getting engaged today and that doubles the enjoyment).
I thank all of you for all kind of support. Special thanks to J J and Cameron Wallace McKenzie for some of their nice inputs.

Only reference material I used was UML distilled.
My experience with part 2 and 3.
I have 8 years of experience in application development in and around J2EE. Never worked on EJB3 (but I knew EJB2) and JSF. I never did a UML diagram before and never bothered to understand one too as my lead used to explain me what I need to do.

Major problems I faced were
1. Forgetting that is an assignment not a real world solution . One of the Java ranch post brought me back to track so you can make any assumption you want.
2. Unnecessarily time wasted on thinking about 'how to make JMS work synchronous' or 'how to manage authentication' etc
I happily put a note asking the programmer to take care of my first 'problem' and made an assumption that that authentication is out of scope.
3. I was never confident on my solution as class diagram kept changing every day as I revise. Later I realized that that is the way it works. I had to modify the class diagram through out the process. I realized that design can be beautified forever.
4. I felt awkward in asking other for help. I was thinking 'what would they think about me. I should have known all these things already' but the truth is, all those people I approached were so happy in helping me (in fact some of them really appreciated it).

Thanks you all again. Have a good time.
Hello Ranchers,

Would it be ok to not define interfaces and relationships for all components in a component diagram? May be only for those components which serve more than function? Or would you advise me to remove all lollipops and sockets and keep regular associations like aggregation composition or realization and generalization?

I understand that this is more of a UML question but I would like to get an opinion from a 'SCEA assignment submission point of view'

"UML applied companion" a training material provided by Ariadne Training Limited is real good. try their web page or do a google search.

Wish you all a happy new year
Thank for the reply Jonathan.
Should I add such components/classes also into the sequence diagram? I mean the API related classes?

Hello Rancher,

The situation is, I need to integrate the product search functionality with manufacturer system to check availability. The manufacturer supports only JMS and the search result need to be returned in 5 seconds. A stateful session bean with timer to keep track of transaction time is the design I am planning to implement. .Any thoughts?
There was ranch thread about synchronous JMS.

In the above case can EJB function as an Adapter?

Thanks Cameron and Jonathan! I am revisiting design.

What exceptions are you taking care of? Business (i.e. application) exceptions should be propagated to the client, otherwise there's no point in throwing them. The original intent of Business Delegate was to handle infrastructure related checked exceptions like RemoteException, FinderException, or CreateException. As I mentioned in my previous response, these exceptions don't exist in EJB 3.0.

I am so used to EJB2.0 and did not remember the new feature available in EJB3! But still business delegate holds good due to following reasongs
1. It is desirable to minimize coupling between presentation-tier clients and the business service, thus hiding the underlying implementation details of the service, such as lookup and access.
2. Clients may need to implement caching mechanisms for business service information.
3. It is desirable to reduce network traffic between client and business services.

Why? If you need to further abstract the interface of a boundary class, surely there's something wrong with the original interface. It sounds to me like you're mixing up Business Delegate with Service Facade.

I too felt that there is something wrong the original interface and that is the very reason I posted this message! Service Facard is new for me so need to study that first before making any comments.

That depends on where you want to introduce failover. I don't think Business Delegate was ever intended for that purpose. Proxy - yes, Business Delegate - no.

I agree that BusinessDelegate is not intended for this purpose but since I decided to use it, I felt the extra functionality would beef up the Business Delegate.

Thank you Cameron.
Do you think a business delegate is an overkill between the Adapter and Front controller? That is how i designed and the reason was to take care of exception and to abstract out the business method further. Adapter handling the business method exception dosen't look so good for me.

Have a good day
Hello Dear Ranchers,

BigSmoke has an existing inventory system which is assumed to be intact as per my design proposed for their system enhancement. So I decided to use an Adapter to interface with inventory system as that would abstract inventory. Is this a right approch? What do you guys think.

warm regards
Hello Ranchers,
The prometric fellow advised me to purchase the voucher for part 2 from sun online shop! Is there any otherway I can get a voucher?

I passed the SCEA Phase1! And I scored 64 which is not a great score but I feel very happy and relaxed. I am a silent spectator of Ranch but I am a regular visitor. Thanks a lot to all dear ranchers for all support and encouragement. My experience with the test
1. Many questions from web-tier, especially JSF, JSP (You should know the Servlet/JSP, JSF, JSTL in term of applicability, usage, benefits)
2. Design pattern questions were very straight forward. If you read GoF book, I am sure you can clear all questions. J2EE pattern questions were fairly straight.
3. Questions from applicability of JAX-WS, Web services Vs Messaging were all confusing for me. Fortunately I read the JEE tutorial and that helped me.
4. Not many questions from security and JPA.
5. Surprisingly, couple of question based of SOA was there (SOA from web service point of view)
6. All common architecture questions disappointed me as I was not confident on all these �ilities� like maintainability, manageability etc. Mikalai Zaikin�s notes ( was very helpful while preparing.
7. 75% of the questions were scenario based questions. You need to read fast. I used Whizlab simulator and that helped me a lot. When compared to Whizlab, questions were much tougher but it certainly helps. I did not find a good online mock test for SCEA!
8. My strategy to tackle the long questions was very simple, finished all small questions first (I had 50 mnts to review my questions) and then looked into lengthy questions.

The materials I refered
1.GoF books (I read it 6 times since Jan 2008. I scored 100% in patterns)
2.Core J2EE patterns (Deepak Alur, Dan Malks, John Crupi)
3.EJB 3 in action from manning(I wasted so much of time in mugging up all those annotations and JPA but it did not help me much)
4.Mastering JSF
5.Mastering Enterprised Java bean (Ed Roman). If you are new to EJB I would recommend this book.
6. - A really good one. This was the last material I referred and I really helped. �
9.The JEE tutorial from Sun - ** this is the most important resource you should refer to, you may want to start with this.

That is my story. I am very happy to be part of Javaranch. It is simply great. Thanks a ton for those who are working in the background to keep Ranch running.

Wishing you all a Merry X-Maz and New year
15 years ago
Considering Deployment = Usage, You can use SSB and POJOs to create Web services. None of the design patterns I came across have used Servlet as a WS end point (Please let me know if you have come across any such case) JAX-RPC and JAX-WS are the technologies used to by the app server internally so this question is about SSB and POJO from my point of view.
[ October 23, 2008: Message edited by: Sandeep Krish ]