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Recent posts by hadzrul hashim

Hi all,

I found this code somewhere on Internet. I use this code in my web application. No problem when using this BUT it slow on rendering the image. How do I increase the performance? Is there a way to enhance this method?

Here is the code: (for someone who need it, just put to your application and run it)

10 years ago
hello all, i just need some opinion here. i have a servlet that will get an image from db in byte, then it will resize that image before viewing in jsp.
i would like to enhance my code to avoid the lagging on loading (printing to page). i want to put some loading for it but i dont know how to show something before it print the actual image.

below is my servlet
10 years ago
Please look out this post...I really need help

help on handling cabinet (.cab) file with Java

10 years ago
Dear all,

I would like to ask about handling a cab file using Java. I need to extract an existing cab file, put some extra information inside and compress/zip it back to cab file. This cab file will be read by mobile phones (Windows Mobile). Is there any java library that can handle this? I try to use a zip class, but failed. Anyone can help?

FYI, theres a Linux based program that can creates a cabinet (.cab) archive from a set of input files (http://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty/utils/lcab). But I dont know how to integrate this program to my web based system.

Hoping to get an answer..Thanks

10 years ago
Dear everyone,

I would like to ask "noob" question here regarding to Hibernate. I want to get a list of table names and list of columns names in every table from my database. I am using 2 different db environment (MySQL and Oracle) and I would like to do this for both.

Here are my files. I guess I'm wrong. Please guide me to get the results


i got a task to export a data from 1 table (which is in MySQL database).is there any tutorial or manual on how to do this?

one of the data field are using unicode character (i'm storing a multiple language character). how do this data will be transfered to the XML doc?

i hope to see any solution given on this topic. please help!