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On the other hand, Hibernate does not use the javax.persistence namespace.

Oppositely again, the JBoss AS source does define all the interfaces in the javax.ejb namespace, including a Red Hat copyright notice. These appear to be duplicates to those published by Sun.
11 years ago
For the record, it's here.

Guess JBoss can't deploy it since the licenses aren't compatible.
11 years ago
I'm searching for the source code in the javax.persistence namespace.

Currently, I'm using JBoss AS 4.2, whose source code I've downloaded. I'm able to find the source of types in the javax.ejb namespace but am still missing the source of javax.persistence.*.
I.e., there's no file named within the JBoss AS source distribution's folder.

Thank you
11 years ago
A .jar archive cannot be executed, only the .class files it contains can.
Today I'd passed the SCJP exam (70%), so I can say:

The Enthuware questions are similar hard or (maybe) slightly harder than the actual exam. At last I'd reached 75-80%.
The mock exams that come with the Sierra/Bates book are harder than the actual exam. At last I'd reached 65%.

- As an additional side note: In the real exam, one cannot review the drag-and-drop questions without losing the choice given before. Thus be careful with this type of questions.

Currently I'm practicing Enthuware's tests / mock exams.

I'm getting better results (about 80% pass) than with most other mock exams available. - The Enthuware questions are much easier to understand, seldomly misleading (by purpose! - as many other test questions are), and can be solved in much less time. Surely they do cover all the Sun objectives, though.

- Well, my question is, is the actual Sun exam harder than the Enthuware tests?
Should I go for the Sun exam when I pass xx% of the Enthuware questions.

Thank you very much, indeed, for your estimation.

P.S.: I'd like to add that Enthuware's tests are extraordinary instructional and almost lovingly coordinated.

(Sorry for my bad English.)
Thanks very much -- solved.
11 years ago
I'm getting started with using Servlets and JSPs.

In $TOMCAT_HOME/lib, I found servlet-api.jar and jsp-api.jar. Some questions:

- Do these represent the latest Servlet API 2.5 (Tomcat version is 6.0.18)? Are they representative, or should I try to get them from Sun (I didn't find anything appropriate at Sun's website, or within my local Glassfish folder ...).

- Also, I'd like to have the matching source code (or, at least, API docs) in order to enhance programming within the IDE. Where to get it from?

Thank you, Robert
11 years ago

(Although I'm probably spoiling my thread - remember, my core question would be:
Anyone started by 25-45%, and reached 75-80%? - How did you do?)


I think that the master exams that come on the CD and online

here I might be allowed to criticize the CD that comes with your book, seriously:

The CD is Windows-only (is Java Windows-only, too? ) . - Thanks to Wine, there's no problem with installing and executing the additional exam program under Linux(!).
But next, there's no syntax highlighting, no rich text, no drag & drop, no resizable (i.e., maximizable) windows (they are fixed size, hope that fits, no it doesn't ...(!)), and no continuing of previous exams.
Additional problems with this program do exist as well, and it might need a major rework regarding the programming basis.

- I would really like to see your book and the Inquisition program combined.

Thanks, though, very much
[ October 11, 2008: Message edited by: Robert Gorn ]
Thank you Bert,

I'm amazed of talking to the guy whose book I'm studying, currently.

So these are your - partly ironical - notes that often open up the theoretic texts. - Well done!

Although - as mentioned above - some of the self test questions might require knowledge which is taught some book chapters later.

- Obviously I've been using IDEs all the time. I.e., I've had never invested too much thoughts on compiler errors - as they've had always been cleanly resolvable.

Well, getting this done in three weeks would be my ambition (and is still a goal of mine), but I'd be still happy to pass this within four or five weeks.

Thanks for your estimation
and best regards to both of you
Hey cool, John Meyers! And thank you for your reply.

Find a pattern through which you analyze your questions.

Sure, who wouldn't do that?

- But, in (only) the first three chapters of the aforementioned book, you can easily find about 300 patterns to learn.

Fortunately, (not all but) the very most of them are summarized at the end of any chapter.

Unfortunately, there are so many questions that aren't covered yet, i.e.,

When will initializers be executed - when any class instance gets created, when the first class instance of its type gets created, or when the JVM starts? - I wouldn't be able to answer this until now.

Or, overloaded methods with var-arg arguments will be chosen at last. (OK, I had that now in chapter 3.)

Or, when calling a method, an argument passed may be "widened, then boxed" but not "boxed, then widened". There have been two examples for that, but I can't really see why "int --> long --> Long" wouldn't work.

Or, there has been a question to count objects being eligible for the garbage collector. Although, probably, I do understand the issue perfectly, they put the question in a way, that I had to miss one of the nine objects in question.


Anyways, my actual question is, - anyone out there who started with 25-45%, and reached 70% or more, finally?


I have about 3/4 year of Java experience (3 years ago), but about 10 years with other technologies, mostly related to Microsoft. I've never studied IT related stuff but learned it all myself.

Initially, I did John Meyer's test at the Inquisition mock exams. - The result was 23%.

Now I'm reading the book "SCJP" by Sierra/Bates (about 60 pages/day). After each chapter, I'm passing 25-45% of the self test questions, only. This is quite frustrating.

I feel most questions are really mean - even if you've understood the concepts, they're trying to mislead you.

My strategy is to read the whole book (as several questions in earlier chapters appear to rely on knowledge from later chapters), and next, to review the failed questions in detail.
Next, I would practice other mock exams.
Failed questions I would pin down as commented Java files within a Eclipse Java project.

I would like to complete this exam within three weeks overall, having about 4 days for corrections after having read the complete book, initially.

- Is it normal to initially pass 25-45% of the questions, only?
What would you estimate?

Hi, there is a Tomcat 5.5 instance, and I've deployed two webapps by dropping the WAR files into the webapps folder.
The database connection string, respectively, is read from a properties file, which resides in WEB-INF/classes.
The code to read a property is simply,

Now, the problem is, both webapps are using the same properties file, the one of webapp1.

I made sure that's a fact, and also made sure there are no offending JARs in $CLASSPATH, $TOMCAT_HOME/webappX/WEB-INF/lib or $TOMCAT_HOME/common.

Any ideas???


Edit: BTW, the method that retrieves the values from the properties file is static.
Edit: Strange enough, some legacy webapps within the same Tomcat instance are throwing errors now, because Java method signatures have changed.
Thus, actually a set of WEB-INF/classes gets loaded from other webapps(!).

[ May 23, 2007: Message edited by: Robert Gorn ]
[ May 23, 2007: Message edited by: Robert Gorn ]
13 years ago
Hi there,

I'm new to Java web engineering, so please be patient. )

In my web application, there is a servlet that's transforming XML by XML to HTML. From the resulting web pages, I would like to update a shopping cart -- I was thinking of using AJAX to call a remote servlet or JSF page (without reloading the current user page).

The shopping cart could be a JSF-managed bean with Session scope.

Now, the first question/thought is, the aforementioned pages are pure HTML. Is there a way to include JSF (i.e., ajax4jsf) tags and let them get interpreted by the Faces servlet? (I don't think so.)

Second, if I would remotely call a servlet (to update the shopping cart), was there a way to access the managed shopping cart bean?

And third, if I would (remotely) call a JSF page, how would I update the shopping cart bean from there?

I'm appreciating any hint.
Thanks indeed
13 years ago