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Recent posts by Thuwaragan Sundaramoorthy

This book discusses about Normalization techniques up to 3rd Normal Form which is sufficient for an average usage.
I think these are under Advanced stuff. You need to refer some advanced books on SQL tuning and performance optimization for the moment.
Hi Lynn,
I like to have this book because, I want to encourage my friends to read this kind of books. This is an innovation under SQL book series. Good job!
Anyway we need another book from you explaining the advanced and complex topics under SQL. I believe, you will draw that for the advanced users.

Thanking you in advance.

Hi Lynn,
Does this book explains about creating indexes for the tables and the usage of the indexes? Also about having multiple indexes for a same table?

thank you.

Best Regards,
Hi Lynn,
(From TOC) In chapter 7 you have covered up to 3 rd Normal Form. What about the other normal forms used in the database design? It should be interesting if you have covered that as well.
Hello authors,
Is this book is based on a particular DBMS (like Oracle, MySQL ...) or only with general concepts on SQL?

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I haven't read HF-SQL, but my opinion after reading other HF series, this should be cool one, I appreciate the way they are writing and explaining the matter. It is totally different from other books.
Hello authors,

I really want to write SQL statements with high performance. Can you explain how well this book, in guiding us to write best SQL statements with high performance? This is necessary for writing ERP applications.

thanking you in advance.

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[ October 15, 2007: Message edited by: Thuwaragan Sundaramoorthy ]
Tomcat 5.5 works fine and displays the result correctly.
Tomcat 6.0 displays the EL variable. ${subTitle}.

Can anybody help me on this?
You have declare the attribute inside the tag file. Use

[ October 12, 2007: Message edited by: Sundaramoorthy Thuwaragan ]
try using semicolon [ ; ] instead of colon[ : ] as the path separator (if you are working on windows environment).
[ October 11, 2007: Message edited by: Sundaramoorthy Thuwaragan ]
Try the following example if you want:

jsp also transformed to an HttpServlet.
"application" will refer to the servlet context (common for the application) but not the servlet config (defined for the particular servlet/jsp page).
And here is the sample tag lib definition for a tag file:

source: HFSJ
Refer pg. 500 for further details.
The tag files inside the jar files (/META-INF/tags) must have a .tld file defined.